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The goal of this site is to provide information on key international hydrogen standards and regulatory issues and to facilitate communication among ISO/TC 197 U.S. TAG members and related standards development organizations, both nationally and internationally. The site provides information on the activities of ISO/TC 197 and gives US TAG members up-to-date information regarding meetings, ballots, comments, action items and related activities as well as the ability to view documents, comment, vote, and RSVP for meetings.

ISO/TC 197 Scope: Standardization in the field of systems and devices for the production, storage, transport, measurement and use of hydrogen.

Technical Program      Current Work Items



  • ISO/TC 197 continued work items include hydrogen fuel—product specification, gaseous hydrogen—fuelling stations, hydrogen generators, and hydrogen detectors.

To purchase ISO/TC 197 standards

ISO 13984:1999, Liquid hydrogenLand vehicle fuelling system interface
ISO 13985:2006, Liquid hydrogenLand vehicle fuel tanks
ISO 14687:1999, Hydrogen fuelProduct specification
ISO 14687:1999/Cor 1:2001 Technical Corrigendum
ISO 14687:1999/Cor 2:2008 Technical Corrigendum
ISO/TS 14687-2:2006, Hydrogen fuelProduct specificationPart 2: Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell applications for road vehicles
ISO 16110-1:2007, Hydrogen generators using fuel processing technologiesPart 1: Safety
ISO 16110-2:2010, Hydrogen generators using fuel processing technologies—Part 2:Test methods for performance
ISO 16111:2008, Transportable gas storage devices—Hydrogen absorbed in reversible metal hydride
ISO 17268:2006, Compressed hydrogen surface vehicle refuelling connection devices
ISO 22734-1:2008, Hydrogen generators using water electrolysis processPart 1: Industrial and commercial applications
ISO 22734-2:2011, Hydrogen generators using water electrolysis processPart 2: Residential applications
ISO 26142:2010, Hydrogen detection apparatus—Stationary applications
ISO/PAS 15594:2004, Airport hydrogen fuelling facility operations
ISO/TR 15916:2004, Basic considerations for the safety of hydrogen systems
ISO/TS 15869:2009, Gaseous hydrogen and hydrogen blends—Land vehicle fuel tanks
ISO/TS 20100:2008, Gaseous hydrogen—Fuelling stations

To purchase ISO standards from the following groups:

TC 58, Gas cylinders
TC 58/SC 2, Cylinder fittings
TC 58/SC 3, Cylinder design
TC 58/SC 4, Operational requirements for gas cylinders
TC 220, Cryogenic vessels

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