CGA Publications

CGA maintains a library of over 300 publications, safety alerts, safety bulletins, technical bulletins, technical reports, and videos. CGA’s positions address safety and technical information related to the manufacture, transportation, storage, transfilling, and disposal of gases (liquefied, nonliquefied, dissolved, and cryogenic); and the containers and valve which hold compressed gases. These publications are developed and maintained by CGA committees. Any interested person can submit a proposed change to a CGA publication using the information provided below.

CGA Publication Availability

CGA members are provided with free access to electronic CGA publications, and can order hardcopies of any publication at a reduced cost. Members can access their publications through the member website.

All electronic and hardcopy CGA publications are available for purchase through the customer website.

Free Safety Information

CGA Safety Alerts, Safety Posters, and other select safety information are available at no cost on the CGA home page.

These CGA Safety Videos are available to view at no cost:

CGA Publications Incorporated by Reference in Federal Regulations

At the request of a regulatory agency, CGA Publications may be posted online for public review when a Notice of Proposed Rule Making is issued. Information regarding the incorporation by reference process and the publications available for review is available online.

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