CGA Administered U.S. TAGs

ISO/TC 58, Gas cylinders

SCOPE: Standardization of gas cylinders, their fittings and characteristics relating to their manufacture and use. The scope does not include cryogenic vessels, aerosol cartridges and large transportable gas containers (The primary responsibility of TC 58 is administrative oversight for the subcommittees.)

ISO/TC 58/SC 2, Gas cylinders-Cylinder fittings

SCOPE: Developing international standards for gas cylinder valves and other accessories related to manufacture and use of gas cylinders 

ISO/TC 58/SC 3, Gas cylinders-Cylinder design

SCOPE: Developing international design standards for transportable pressurized gas cylinders of seamless and welded metallic materials, and composite materials

ISO/TC 58/SC 4, Gas cylinders-Operational requirements

SCOPE: Developing international standards for operational requirements for gas cylinders

ISO/TC 197, Hydrogen technologies

SCOPE: Standardization in the field of systems and devices for the production, storage, transport, measurement and use of hydrogen

ISO/TC 220, Cryogenic vessels

SCOPE: Standardization in the field of insulated vessels (vacuum or non-vacuum) for the storage and the transport of refrigerated liquefied gases of class 2 of "Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods--Model regulations--10th revised edition of the UN," in particular concerning the design of the vessels and their safety accessories, gas/materials compatibility, insulation performance, the operational requirements of the equipment and accessories