Congratulations to the 2021 CGA and GAWDA Distributor Safety Award Winners!

October 13, 2021

The CGA (Compressed Gas Association) and GAWDA (Gases and Welding Distributors Association) Distributor Safety Awards honoring the participating GAWDA distributor member companies that have shown the greatest improvement in safety performance, were presented at the GAWDA 2021 Annual Convention on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

2021 CGA and GAWDA Distributor Safety Award Winners

WestAir Gases & Equipment, Inc., of San Diego, California, received the award for the category of More than 100,000 Employee Exposure Hours.

Northern Gases and Supplies, Inc., of Pierceton, Indiana, received the award for the category of 100,000 or Fewer Employee Exposure Hours.

This award recognizes these companies’ safety improvement during the 2020 calendar year.

Congratulations to WestAir Gases & Equipment, Inc. and Northern Gases and Supplies, Inc. for winning this prestigious award!

“WestAir Gases & Equipment, Inc. would like to thank the CGA and GAWDA for their continued support to our industry, and it’s a true honor to accept this award on behalf of our entire team. This achievement highlights our ongoing commitment to the Safety and Health of our employees. On behalf of our WestAir Team, thank you very much!”

— Keith Martinez, Director of Safety

“Thank you for the recognition of the CGA & GAWDA Distributor Safety Award. Northern Gases and Supplies is honored to receive this award and we would like to thank the CGA and GAWDA for the opportunity. Our business benefits tremendously through the safety training programs available like GAWDA University, the online safety organizers, CGA pamphlets and the knowledgeable consultants for compliance and technical questions. Thank you again for this award and continued support.”

— Northern Gases and Supplies, Inc.

About the Program

Founded in 2011, the CGA and GAWDA Distributor Safety Program provides access to publications, training resources, and recognition programs to drive awareness of, and adherence to, best practices for safety.

Participating GAWDA distributor members gain complimentary access to CGA’s electronic safety publication library (enabling one employee per company location to gain free access to CGA’s library of over 350 electronic publications, valued at more than $20,000 per user). These companies also receive reduced pricing on CGA hardcopy publications and the Handbook of Compressed Gases. In addition, employees of participating GAWDA member companies have free access to CGA’s growing library of eLearning modules.

98 GAWDA members operating more than 748 facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada currently participate in this program.

To be eligible, companies:

  • Must be a GAWDA distributor member in good standing, and
  • Must participate in the CGA & GAWDA Distributor Reporting and Safety Awards Program (requires annual submission of OSHA 300A safety data to CGA – for all companies with 11 or more employees)

How to Participate

If you work for a GAWDA distributor member and would like to learn more about applying to have your company participate in the cooperative program between GAWDA and CGA, check out these links:

CGA Portal – GAWDA page

GAWDA Website – CGA Subscription Program

We welcome your participation in this important safety program.