2023 – Starting the Year Safe

January 18, 2023

CGA’s mission is to promote ever-improving safe, secure, and environmentally responsible manufacture, transportation, storage, transfilling, and disposal of industrial, medical, and food gases and their containers.

As we all start the new year, let’s make sure safety is our top business resolution.

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has a variety of resources available to promote safety in the handling, storage, and use of compressed gases. Some examples include:

  • Technical publications: CGA has published more than 400 technical publications that provide guidance on the safe handling and use of compressed gases. These include the CGA P-1 Standard for Safe Handling of Compressed Gases in Containers, which provides detailed information on the proper handling and storage of compressed gas cylinders, and the CGA C-6 Standard for the Safe Transportation of Compressed Gases in Cylinders, which covers the transportation of compressed gases by ground and sea.
  • Safety bulletins and alerts: CGA regularly issues safety bulletins and alerts to provide information about potential hazards associated with compressed gases and to provide recommendations for preventing incidents.
  • Safety training and education programs: CGA offers a variety of safety training and education programs for individuals and organizations involved in the handling and use of compressed gases. These programs cover topics such as cylinder handling, transportation, and storage, and are designed to help individuals and organizations comply with regulations and industry standards.
  • Safety videos and articles: The CGA also provides a variety of safety videos and articles that are available to the public to help them learn more about the safe handling and use of compressed gases.
  • Safety Webinars and online courses: CGA also offers webinars and online courses on various safety topics associated with compressed gas handling, regulations, and safety procedures.

All of these resources are developed with the goal of promoting safety, reducing incidents and accidents, and protecting workers and the public who handle and use compressed gases.

If you have questions about our resources, getting involved with CGA, or wish to join the Association, please contact Michael Federovich at mfederovich@cganet.com or visit our membership page.