CGA Announces Formation of Hydrogen Membership

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has formed a new CGA Hydrogen Membership ensuring that perspectives from all segments of the hydrogen economy are represented as we continue to publish safety standards for this rapidly expanding industry.

Committee Spotlight: Hydrogen Technology

CGA’s Hydrogen Technology Committee does important work to advance CGA’s safety-focused mission.

CGA Applauds Passage of Historic Inflation Reduction Act

This groundbreaking legislative package addresses a wide range of issues, including a $369 billion investment in climate and energy policies and many tax incentives for hydrogen.

Safety is Step One Hydrogen Safety: Vent Stacks

If you have ever read a CGA publication, you may have noticed that each publication has a unique alphabetical and numerical identifier. But did you know that you can use the alphabetical identifier as a clue to help determine the expected content of the publication?  

Unlocking the Future of Hydrogen

CGA offers a variety of hydrogen safety resources ranging from a library of 20+ technical standards to easy to understand safety videos.

Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy through Safety Standards

We share highlights from CGA President Rich Gottwald’s presentation at the 2nd American Hydrogen Forum on February 17, 2022.

When it Comes to Hydrogen, Who Decides What is ‘Safe’?

For hydrogen to fulfill its growth potential, consumers, customers, businesses, and regulators must feel completely confident in our industry’s culture of safety. But who decides what is ‘safe’?

A Look Ahead at 2022

CGA will continue to provide hydrogen safety standards for our members and other industry stakeholders to help them prepare safely for emerging hydrogen markets and technologies.

CGA Launches Hydrogen “Safety is Step One” Campaign

We share an email sent from CGA President & CEO Rich Gottwald to our members with news that we are launching a major new campaign, Hydrogen “Safety is Step One.”