CGA’s H-4 Publication Defines Processes and Terms Associated with Hydrogen Fueling Technologies

This safety publication covers technologies and terminology that applies to hydrogen fuel production, storage, transport, and use.

CGA’s Hydrogen Roadmap: Safety Is Step #1

We share highlights from CGA President Rich Gottwald’s presentation at the American Hydrogen Forum on June 9, 2021.

CGA Board Approves Hydrogen Safety Mission and Objectives

CGA’s focus on hydrogen safety is expanding from industrial to near consumer applications, particularly the use of hydrogen in the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) industry.

CGA’s G-5.5 Publication Provides Methods for Safe Venting of Hydrogen

Issued in April 2021, the 4th edition of this publication provides the minimum requirements for the safe design, installation, and operation of hydrogen vent systems.

CGA and Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association Form Reciprocal Membership

FCHEA represents over 50 leading companies and organizations that are advancing innovative, clean, safe, and reliable hydrogen energy technologies.

CGA and California Fuel Cell Partnership Form Reciprocal Membership

CaFCP promotes expanding the market for fuel cell electric vehicles powered by hydrogen to help create a cleaner, more energy-diverse future.

CGA’s H-5 Publication Guides Safe Design, Installation, and Use of Bulk Hydrogen Supply Systems

The recently revised CGA H-5 provides minimum requirements for locating/siting, selecting equipment, installing, starting up, maintaining, and removing bulk hydrogen supply systems.