ISO Meetings – October 2019 Recap

October, 2019 was a busy month for ISO meetings! Four ISO groups of interest to CGA members held their annual plenary meetings.

International Harmonization Council – August 2019 Update

The IHC held its 45th meeting on August 20-21, with representatives from CGA, EIGA, and JIMGA, as well as Air Liquide Canada Inc.; Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.; and Linde.

ISO Meeting (ISO/TC 58/SC 4 – Operational Requirements for Gas Cylinders) February 2019 Recap

An ISO group of interest to CGA held its plenary meeting during the week of February 11, 2019 in Milan, Italy.

International Harmonization Council – February 2019 Update

In February 2019, AIGA hosted the 44th IHC meeting, which was attended by staff representatives from AIGA, CGA, EIGA, and JIMGA Councils; liaisons from each Association’s technical councils; and observers from Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Air Liquide SA, and The Linde Group. A significant focus of this meeting included modifying the harmonization work process to streamline working group efforts and reduce project timelines where possible…

New U.S. TAG for ISO/TC 158, Analysis of Gases

CGA is taking on the administration of a new U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG), for International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/Technical Committee (TC) 158, Analysis of gases. ISO/TC 158 operates under the following scope:

Standardization in the field of analysis of gases, including terminology; preparation of gas mixtures; sampling; transfer lines; and analytical methods including evaluation of characteristics of the analyzers. Subjects falling within the scope of any other ISO TC (e.g. ISO/TC 28, ISO/TC 146, or ISO/TC 193) are excluded, unless specifically requested.

ISO/TC 158 is currently responsible for 24 published ISO standards and has nine ISO standards under development or revision. Five working groups (WGs) and one joint working group (JWG) are responsible for the TC’s work program. Additional information about this TC is available on ISO’s website.

Membership on this new U.S. TAG is open to U.S. national interested parties who might reasonably be expected to be, or who indicate that they are, directly and materially affected by the TC’s work. Requests for membership on the U.S. TAG shall include a completed application (available here). The TAG membership will elect the Chair at its first meeting.

CGA is also an ANSI-Accredited Administrator for the following six U.S. TAGs:

• ISO/TC 58, Gas cylinders
• ISO/TC 58/SC 2, Cylinder fittings
• ISO/TC 58/SC 3, Cylinder design
• ISO/TC 58/SC 4, Operational requirements for gas cylinders
• ISO/TC 197, Hydrogen technologies
• ISO/TC 220, Cryogenic vessels

Contact CGA for more information on any of the U.S. TAGs listed above.