CGA Launches New Publication Delivery System

September 5, 2019

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new publication delivery system. Scheduled for release this fall, this system will provide enhanced access to CGA’s library of more than 340 industry safety publications.

In the modern age of information searching, we understand that standards developers like the Compressed Gas Association must position our content to be discoverable and accessible in order to facilitate user adoption.

Today’s standards consumers require solutions that instantly connect them with resources, allow them to easily search for and aggregate relevant information, and support their ability to integrate information from standards into internal documents.

Our new publication delivery system will include a number of features designed to enhance overall user experience, such as the following:

Version comparisons

Quickly compare editions of a publication. Color-coded highlighting helps the reader instantly identify changes to standards, saving you time, money, and manpower.


Add comments and insights right in a standard. Keep annotations private or share with a specific group of colleagues.


Easily mark frequently referenced publications so that they can quickly be revisited, further improving efficiency and ease of use.

Language selection

Filtered searches are offered in more than 14 languages, enabling users to search in their native language, improving their ability to find critical information.

Streamlined accessibility

No more third-party plugin means instant access to CGA’s library without the need to install additional programs on your device, making access easier for all users.

Better System, Better Outcomes

These features will directly benefit CGA members and other users of our publications. CGA member companies’ high-value staff can get back to doing what matters most and spend less time assimilating the information they need from standards. Companies can easily track requirements in standards that impact their business and align their internal procedures with today’s best practices, in order to reduce risk and improve operational safety, quality, and reliability.

The system can even aid in preserving organizational knowledge – with the ability to capture and share comments, companies can retain critical knowledge and rationales, protecting against knowledge loss.

When the platform is launched, CGA members and subscribers will receive an update with all the information needed to access our publications on the new system. Non-members interested in a subscription to CGA’s complete publication library can contact 703-788-2700 for more information.