CGA Certification Board Offers New Features For 2021

February 16, 2021

The CGA Certification Board (CGACB) continues to attract a wide range of candidates from across the gas industry.  Since 2018, CGACB has issued a total of 123 credentials, and there are some exciting new developments for 2021.

As we have mentioned previously, CGACB offers the following certifications:

  • CGA M-1 & ASSE 6015 Dual Certification for Bulk Compressed Medical Gas (CMG) Supply System Installers
  • ASSE 6035 Certification for Bulk CMG Supply System Verifiers
  • ASSE 6055 Certification for Bulk CMG Supply System Instructors

New CGA M-1 & ASSE 6015 Upgrade Option

For candidates who hold an existing ASSE 6015 certification, CGACB is now offering a new option to upgrade to the CGA M-1 & ASSE 6015 Dual Certification. This offers a more convenient and affordable option for candidates who already possess an ASSE 6015 certification, but would like to obtain the dual certification that is only available from CGACB.

Remote Exams Now Available

CGACB now has the capability to offer exams remotely. Since the beginning of the year, CGACB has had candidates successfully take the exam remotely through its web-based exam platform and remote proctoring services.

Even with the challenges of COVID-19, this capability has allowed CGACB to continue delivering exams and issuing credentials. Exams can be scheduled in as short as several days, and can be taken at a day and time that is convenient for each candidate.


The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) formed the CGA Certification Board LLC (CGACB) to offer certification services for personnel working in the industrial and medical gases industry.

CGACB’s mission is to provide third-party personnel certification programs developed by subject matter experts and based on key standards from the Compressed Gas Association. As an independent third-party certifier, CGACB focuses on assessing the qualifications and competency of certification candidates.

Visit the CGACB website for further information about each of these certifications, including exam guides, a list of prerequisites for each exam, and to apply.