There are over 27 committees dedicated to supporting the CGA mission of providing technical and safety information through standard development.

Who are these committees, what are their individual missions, and what do they bring to CGA members and the compressed gas industry?

Atmospheric Gases and Equipment Committee

Chair: Alan Burton

Vice Chair: Greg DeVincentis

The mission of CGA’s Atmospheric Gases and Equipment Committee is to promote the safe production, handling, storage, and use of atmospheric gases and helium. This includes the cryogenic and non-cryogenic processes and equipment for the separation and liquefaction of the atmospheric gases and helium and cryogenic hydrogen production. This also includes equipment such as compressors, cold boxes, expansion machines, pumps, bulk storage, pipelines, bulk gas systems at consumer sites, and tanker loading facilities (tankers, customer station design, and cylinder handling facilities are excluded).

The Committee supports this mission by the creation and revision of numerous internationally harmonized publications as well as a yearly safety and reliability seminar:

P-8, Guideline for Safe Practices for Cryogenic Air Separation Plants

This harmonized publication provides guidance on the safe operation of cryogenic air separation plants. It is based on the experience of CGA member companies that operate cryogenic air separation units (ASUs). This publication serves the interest of those associated or concerned with air separation plant operations and applies to safety in the design, location, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of cryogenic air separation plants.

P-8.3, Perlite Management

This harmonized publication provides guidance for reducing the risks of uncontrolled perlite releases and incidents that have potential for serious personnel injury, property damage, downtime, environmental impact, and consequences outside the perimeter of the plant. It covers the use of perlite in cryogenic enclosures and focuses on safety, perlite handling procedures, and emergency perlite management. This publication is for industrial gas plant manufacturers, owners, and operators of facilities that use and maintain perlite as an insulation medium for cryogenic equipment.

P-8.8, Safe Design and Operation of Cryogenic Enclosures

Cryogenic enclosures can create potential process safety hazards. This harmonized publication identifies general hazards and provides guidance to reduce their frequency and consequences. It provides safety guidance and addresses design and operating practices only as they affect safety. This publication addresses both cryogenic air separation unit (ASU) and hydrogen/carbon monoxide (HYCO) processes.

P-56, Cryogenic Vaporization Systems—Prevention of Brittle Fracture of Equipment and Piping

Revised and published in 2022, this harmonized publication applies to cryogenic liquid supply systems, located either on a customer site or a production site, where cryogenic liquid is vaporized and is then supplied either as the primary or secondary source of gaseous product. This publication is limited to the prevention of brittle fracture in piping and associated equipment installed downstream of the vaporization system

G-4.11, Reciprocating Compressors for Oxygen Service

This harmonized publication defines design and operating parameters for conventional ringed and labyrinth oxygen compressors in any geometric configuration having a crosshead and distance piece.

G-4.13, Centrifugal Compressors for Oxygen Service

This harmonized publication defines design and operating parameters for centrifugal oxygen compressors and also provides guidance on the design, manufacturer, installation, and operation of centrifugal oxygen compressors.


G-4.14, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Valves Used in Liquid Oxygen and Cold Gaseous Oxygen Systems

This harmonized publication covers isolation valves, control valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, drain, and vent valves in air separation units (ASUs), their backup and storage piping system, and customer station bulk storage tank systems. It addresses the design, material selection, manufacturing, cleaning, installation, operation, and maintenance of oxygen service valves operating at temperatures below –30 °C.

Safety & Reliability of Industrial Gases, Equipment, and Facilities Seminar

October 10-11, 2023 | In-Person | McLean, Virginia

Starting in 1962, the Safety and Reliability of Industrial Gases, Equipment, and Facilities Seminar is CGA’s first and longest running seminar.  This 2-day seminar highlights the importance of sharing industry best practices as well as lessons learned. This year’s seminar will have presentations on topics such as coldbox equipment, high voltage transformers, hydrogen accumulation, hydrocarbon hazards, oxygen valves, liquid oxygen pumps, and a panel discussion on oxygen compressors. For more information, visit

Interested in Getting Involved?

CGA’s Atmospheric Gases and Equipment Committee welcomes additional members to work on current publications and projects as well as to help develop new work to benefit the industry. If interested or for more information about the committee, contact CGA at