CGA Acetylene and LPG Committees

Committee Spotlight: CGA Acetylene and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Committees

August 25, 2022

There are over 25 committees dedicated to supporting the CGA mission of providing technical and safety information through standard development.

Who are these committees, what are their individual missions, and what do they bring to CGA members and the compressed gas industry?

SPOTLIGHT: The Acetylene Committee

The Acetylene Committee focuses on the generation, compression, filling, transportation, and handling of Acetylene gas, along with the raw materials and co-products associated with its generation and storage. In addition, the committee considers technical, safety, and other matters directly concerning acetylene gas, equipment, and operating procedures which affect the compressed gas industry.

The committee accomplishes its mission through the preparation, publication, and maintenance of standards, position statements, technical and safety bulletins, alerts, and by working with other CGA committees, governmental agencies, and national/international standards organizations.

This committee’s current leadership is Rob Stauder (Linde PLC), Chair, and Travis Strebig (Rexarc International Inc.), Vice Chair.  Both Rob and Travis bring a wealth of experience to this committee to support the committee’s mission and its members.

Key Acetylene Committee publications are listed below:

  • G-1, Acetylene
  • G-1.2, Standard for Acetylene Metering and Piping
  • G-1.6, Standard for Mobile Acetylene Trailer Systems
  • G-1.9, Recommended Practices for Maintaining the Proper Solvent Level in Acetylene Cylinders
  • G-1.7, Standard for Storage and Handling of Calcium Carbide in Containers
  • G-1.10, Guideline for the Safe Operation of Acetylene Generators
  • G-1.12, Mechanical Integrity of Generator Systems in Acetylene Plants (harmonized)

The committee has also created a training module,

  • TM-2, Safe Handling of Acetylene Cylinders,

in addition to a set of technical presentations,

  • AV-19, Technical Presentation Series: Acetylene History
  • (AV-20, AV-21, AV-22) Technical Presentation Series: Acetylene History

SPOTLIGHT: The LPG Committee

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Committee (LPG) promotes industry consistency by providing product and safety information to producers, marketers, and users of liquefied petroleum gases through uniform, standardized technical and safety guidelines and standards for the transportation, equipment, containers, filling, storage, and handling of these gases.

This committee’s current leadership is Jason Bombard (Western International Gas & Cylinders, Inc.), Chair and Thom Hegman (RegO Products), Vice Chair.  As with the Acetylene Committee leadership, Jason and Thom bring their skills and knowledge to the Liquefied Petroleum Committee.

Although this committee has a small publication library compared to the Acetylene Committee, their key Liquefied Petroleum Gas Committee publication is S-8, Guideline for the Safe Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders.

CGA Acetylene & LPG Safety Seminar

While they each have a unique mission, these two committees collaborate to plan the CGA Acetylene & Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Seminar, which usually occurs every four years. As with many events, the pandemic disrupted their seminar cycle and it is currently being planned for June 2023.

The seminar’s planning task force encourages CGA’s Acetylene and LPG Committee members to share the seminar information at all levels including line managers at plants, filling sites, maintenance facilities, and other safety/compliance leaders and support personnel to broaden the reach of the audience who will benefit from this content-rich event. RegO Products will host the event in Elon, North Carolina.

More information on seminar topics, call for presenters, and sponsorship opportunities will be forthcoming in the months ahead. Please relay any email addresses of who should receive Acetylene and LPG seminar invitations to Christina Hartz, CGA Committee Administrator,