Publication Detail: G-19
Guideline for Natural Gas Safe Handling and Operations
Edition: 1
Published: April, 2017
Status: Available
Type: Standards and Specifications
Catalog group: Gases
Size: 23 pages

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Publisher: CGA
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This publication is intended for natural gas users, shippers, carriers, distributors, equipment designers, safety administrators, and anyone seeking an introduction to natural gas. If more detailed or specialized information is required, consult your supplier. The information in this publication is intended to complement federal, state, provincial, territorial, local, and insurance company safety requirements.

This publication addresses the following:
• safe use and handling of products and systems that store, vaporize, transfer, and handle natural gas;
• hazards and safeguards associated with natural gas; and
• training of personnel involved with the handling of natural gas.

Natural gas is a combination of several different gases in differing concentrations. The guidelines contained in this publication assume that pipeline quality natural gas as defined in this publication is in use.

Many standards exist for the design, construction, installation, inspection, and examination of natural gas equipment and facilities. A complete description of the applicability of each standard is beyond the scope of this publication.

Changes effective December 17, 2011

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