Publication Detail: G-4.9
Safe Use of Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers for Producing Pressurized Oxygen
Edition: 5
Published: December, 2017
Status: Available
Type: Standards and Specifications
Catalog group: Gases
Size: 24 pages

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Publisher: CGA
Special attributes: Harmonized
Notes: Harmonized with EIGA Doc 145 
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This publication addresses BAHXs used for boiling product oxygen at elevated pressures. The oxygen enters the BAHX as a subcooled liquid (or supercritical fluid) and leaves as a superheated vapor. Other BAHX uses in oxygen applications are not addressed, although incidents involving aluminum in oxygen service are discussed.

This publication contains a summary of current knowledge and industrial practices used in the safe application of BAHXs for the boiling of oxygen at elevated pressures.

This publication is not intended to be a mandatory standard. It is based upon the combined experimental work, operating experience, and design practices of major producers and operators of air separation plants.

Changes effective December 17, 2011

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