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Standard for Qualifying Suppliers Used by Medical Gas Manufacturers, Equipment Manufacturers, and Distributors
Edition: 5
Published: October, 2017
Status: Available
Type: Standards and Specifications
Catalog group: Medical Gases
Size: 23 pages

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This standard applies to medical gas manufacturers, medical gas equipment manufactures, and distributors developing company-specific standard operating procedures (SOP) for qualifying suppliers who provide medical gases and/or, medical devices, equipment, components, or services, including the services of contract drivers delivering medical gases.

It may be used when qualifying new suppliers or when requalifying existing suppliers of medical gases including other gases, which includes:
• original manufactures of medical oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrous oxide, and air by compression that swap with or directly supply to other original manufacturers or their customers;
• subsequent manufacturers of medical gases obtaining medical gases from an original manufacturer; and
• subsequent manufacturers of medical gases obtaining medical gases from another subsequent manufacturer.

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