Your Medical Oxygen Supply Resource Center

Medical Oxygen Supply in Healthcare Facilities

Members of the Compressed Gas Association stand ready to meet the medical oxygen needs of healthcare providers in the U.S. and Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our member companies continue to produce and deliver essential products, particularly oxygen and other medical gases, in response to demand related to COVID-19.

Throughout this crisis, medical oxygen suppliers need to closely communicate with healthcare facility customers in order to monitor the situation together and reallocate resources as necessary to respond to spikes in demand.

CGA Offers Free Medical Oxygen Supply Chain Posters

CGA has published two free posters, which medical oxygen suppliers can share with customers. These posters communicate three critical steps that healthcare providers can take to support the medical oxygen supply chain:

  1. Understand their medical gas supply system needs and capabilities
  2. Manage medical gas container inventory
  3. Clean their medical gas containers

The posters are designed so that suppliers can add contact information to each poster, before sharing them with healthcare customers. Healthcare professionals are also welcome to download these posters for free.

Each poster also includes a link to the safety publication, CGA P-83, Guidelines for Cleaning Externally Contaminated Medical Gas Containers.

Click the links below to download the two posters, each of which is available in either 8.5X11 inches or 11X17 inches.

Wall Connection Poster

CGA Medical Oxygen Wall Connection Poster 8.5×11 with QRCode to P-83

CGA Medical Oxygen Wall Connection Poster 11×17 with QRCode to P-83

Cylinder Poster

CGA Medical Oxygen Cylinder Poster 8.5×11 with QRCode to P-83

CGA Medical Oxygen Cylinder Poster 11×17 with QRCode to P-83