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National Safety Month: Resources You Can Use

June 1, 2022

Each year in the U.S., National Safety Month is celebrated in June. We would like to remind members of CGA’s safety resources – eLearning modules, safety posters, and technical webinars. These resources are available for free to all member company employees. To access them, go to and select Education.

eLearning Modules

At present, the CGA eLearning library consists of ten training modules:

These innovative training resources are designed to provide a helpful roadmap for employees who may need more extensive coaching in how to safely handle and work with compressed gases.

Each module explores simple concepts presented in a concise, easy-to-follow format, and includes video demonstrations and quizzes to ensure the viewer is successfully absorbing the content. Individual users can complete modules at their own pace (they can close the training at any time and return later, picking up where they left off).

Safety Posters

CGA has also developed a line of posters and safety campaigns targeted to users who are new to interacting with our industry’s products, as a means of communicating basic safety information on topics such as home oxygen safety, safe use of liquid nitrogen in food and beverage service environments, safe handling of dry ice, safety considerations for the products used in cannabis operations, and more.

There are currently 24 safety posters available on our public website. These posters are provided at no charge to members of CGA and the public. Companies can add their own contact information and branding to the posters before distributing. In addition, the posters include a QR code, enabling viewers to quickly access supplementary information on-demand.

Eleven of the safety posters are currently available in English, French, and Spanish and we are working to translate the others.

For more information on the end user and industrial safety posters can be found here:

Technical Webinars

CGA members have access to view past webinars which include technical presentations and member training topics. Our technical content provides education on gases and related equipment, including topics such as acetylene history, hydrogen supply systems, carbon dioxide, etc. The member training topics cover participation on CGA’s base committees and address topics such as what to expect from committee meetings, antitrust compliance, how to submit proposed changes to our publications, and more.

We encourage companies to take advantage of and share these free resources, to help ensure that all those who come in contact with our industry’s products, may do so safely.