This exciting new series features presentations from industry experts, available on-demand for your convenience. In this 3 part series designed for those new to handling acetylene, the audience will learn about acetylene, its properties, and today’s safe use and handling recommendations. Presented by George Houghton, a respected industry member and former CGA committee chair, these one hour sessions are an excellent educational resource for anyone who wants to learn more about acetylene and calcium carbide.

Session 1: General History of Acetylene and Its Properties (Part I)

An overview of the history of acetylene from its discovery in the mid 19th century to the present. This presentation also includes information on the safe and efficient use of acetylene and how these recommendations originated.

Session 2: General History of Acetylene and Its Properties (Part II)

A continuation from Part I of the series. Included in this session is an in-depth review of the properties of acetylene and how these properties affect safe handling and use of this gas.

Session 3: History and Current Practices for Handling Calcium Carbide

A brief history of calcium carbide along with a review of its properties, handling, and uses. This webinar also includes guidelines on the safe and efficient use of calcium carbide, based upon industry standards.

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Customer Pricing: $25/webinar or $59.95 for all three