Publication Spotlight: P-97, Guideline for the Safe Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders

December 9, 2022

CGA has recently published a first edition publication P-97, Guideline for the Safe Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders . Formerly known as S-8, this document dates back to 2007, when the first edition was issued with the title Recommendations to Minimize Hazards of CG-7 Pressure Relief Valves and Ancillary Devices for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders. In this publication, the term LP gas includes but is not limited to butane, commercial propane, propylene, and mixtures of those gases.

The first editions of S-8 focused on specific hardware (also called ancillary devices) associated with LP gas cylinders. Those devices included cylinder valves, liquid level fill gauges, and CG-7 pressure relief valves. Most of the material in S-8 dealt with pressure relief valves, and so the publication was given the “S” designation that signifies a pressure relief device publication.

As happens with codes and standards, the content in S-8 grew over the next revision cycles. The second edition was released in 2012, and it retained the title and the S-8 designation while also containing more broad-based information and requirements for handling LP gas cylinders safely.

The third edition, released in 2018, kept the S-8 designation but changed its title to Guideline for the Safe Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders to reflect its increased content.

Finally, the newest (2022) edition changed its designation to P-97, where the “P” designation signifies a broader based publication that covers more material than ancillary devices. The latest edition contains color photographs and drawings to provide helpful details about the overall safe handling of LP gas cylinders and all its components.

The last three revision cycles have produced a publication that makes P-97 the go-to document that you can read to learn about LP gas cylinders and how to handle them safely.  The goal of P-97 is to provide guidelines to personnel who store, distribute, inspect, maintain, or requalify LP gas cylinders.  Some major topics covered in P-97 include the following:

·         LP gas product names

·         Training requirements

·         Proper filling procedures

·         Cylinder valve details

·         Liquid level gauges specifications

·         Overfilling protection devices requirements

·         CG-7 pressure relief valves details

·         Component maintenance requirements

·         Cylinder storage and handling requirements

·         Cylinder maintenance requirements

·         Periodic requalification material