CGA’s Moving Our Office!

During our move on Friday, August 28, 2020, the CGA portal and electronic library of safety publications will be temporarily unavailable.

CGA Forms Ad Hoc Committee to Review Papers for November/December 2020 UN SCETDG and UN SCEGHS Sessions

This AHC may develop CGA positions related to any working (formal) or informal papers submitted for these upcoming UN sessions.

CGA’s M-1 Publication Guides Safe Use of Medical Gas Supply Systems at Health Care Facilities

CGA M-1 reviews codes requirements and best practices for designing, installing, operating, and removing these compressed medical gas supply systems.

Compliance Graphic

CGA’s July 2020 Safety Publications (New Releases & Revisions)

Here’s a quick recap of our safety publications issued in July 2020.

CGA’s C-7 Publication Provides Essential Tool for Hazardous Materials Communication in Compressed Gas Industry

The recently revised CGA C-7, Guide to Classification and Labeling of Compressed Gases, provides precautionary labels and markings for more than 120 gases and cryogenic liquids.

CGA & EIGA Issue Joint Statement Regarding Sumitomo Precision Products Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

CGA’s Rich Gottwald and EIGA’s Philippe Cornille recently signed a joint statement outlining the Associations’ position on SPP brazed aluminum heat exchangers, which was published on the gasworld website.

Announcing CGA’s New eBallot Procedure for Proposed Changes to Safety Publications

We’re shifting the committee decision on proposed changes (PCs) for most new and revised CGA publications to an electronic ballot.

CEO’s Update: CGA’s Essential Work Continues

Our CEO Rich Gottwald shares some of the important strides forward CGA’s made in recent months, with the support of member companies and your dedicated employees.

CGA Public Comment Period Now Open: CGA P-18, Standard for Bulk Inert Gas Systems (revision of ANSI/CGA P-18-2013)

CGA P-18, Standard for Bulk Inert Gas Systems (an American National Standard), is now available for public review and comment.