Breaking the Mold

Breaking the Mold: A Conversation on Recruitment & Retention in Our Industry

Join CGA for a unique dual-perspective forum with leading industry talent managers and current industry professionals. We’ll explore perceptions and realities related to recruitment and retention in our industry, talk about current challenges, and share take-away strategies for today’s climate.

CGA 2022 Annual Meeting Ballroom

CGA Recognizes Safety Award Winners at 2022 Annual Meeting

CGA recently announced the winners of our industry-leading safety awards at the Association’s 2022 Annual Meeting in Naples, Florida. Congratulations to all recipients.

CGA S-1.1 Guides Cylinder Pressure Relief Device Selection and Sizing

CGA S-1.1 is the ‘go to’ safety standard for manufacturers and users of PRDs on compressed gas cylinders, tubes, composite overwrapped pressure vessels, and UN pressure receptacles.

CGA Forms Ad Hoc Committee to Review Papers for June/July 2022 UN SCETDG and UN SCEGHS Sessions

This AHC may develop CGA positions related to any working (formal) or informal papers submitted for these upcoming UN sessions.

Accelerating the Hydrogen Economy through Safety Standards

We share highlights from CGA President Rich Gottwald’s presentation at the 2nd American Hydrogen Forum on February 17, 2022.

CGA’s January 2022 Safety Publications (New Releases & Revisions)

Here’s a quick recap of our safety publications issued in January 2022.

Helium Supply Shortage Threatens U.S. Semiconductors & Medical Imaging

CGA asks Congress to take immediate steps to safely resolve helium supply issues in support of critical domestic manufacturing.

When it Comes to Hydrogen, Who Decides What is ‘Safe’?

For hydrogen to fulfill its growth potential, consumers, customers, businesses, and regulators must feel completely confident in our industry’s culture of safety. But who decides what is ‘safe’?