Sid Phakey Honored with 2021 IOMA International Harmonization Award

November 5, 2021

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) is pleased to congratulate Sudhir (Sid) Phakey of Linde PLC as the recipient of the 2021 IOMA International Harmonization Award! This prestigious award was created by the International Oxygen Manufacturers Association (IOMA) Global Committee in 2005 to recognize significant and distinguished service to the international harmonization process. It is presented annually to an individual who best exemplifies the character, commitment, and technical excellence prevalent in the development of harmonized publications or legislation at the international level.

Significant Service to the Industry

Sid is an accomplished safety executive with over 30 years of experience and is recognized for his superior process safety management knowledge in the gases industry. Through his collaboration with organizations such as CGA, the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), and CCPS, he has developed many industry standards and helped to increase the safety performance of the industry. Sid is respected by all as being highly collaborative and interpersonal, and successfully relates to colleagues at all levels of industry experience. Above all, Sid is an ethical and trustworthy individual who is able to develop positive relationships with all parties.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds, Sid began his career as a Process Engineer with British Gas in 1982. There he successfully commissioned and operated a rapid pressure swing gas adsorption pilot plant making 90% oxygen from air and designed a high-pressure adsorption pilot plant that could be easily reconfigured to test different processes and adsorbents. In 1989, he began work with The Linde Group. Today he is the Global Head of Process Safety, with responsibility for safe operation of over 1,000 plants worldwide including air separation units, HyCO, carbon dioxide, acetylene, nitrous oxide, and packaged gases. He has led the development and implementation of global strategies such as the Linde Process Safety Management System and the Process Safety Leading and Lagging Indicators in order to improve process safety and achieve the goal of zero process safety incidents.

Dedicated CGA Volunteer

Since joining CGA in 2003, Sid has actively participated in more than 35 International Harmonization Council (IHC) projects and has served as chair of multiple items. Sid also joined EIGA’s WG-3 in 2007 and immediately proved to be an invaluable link between EIGA’s WG-3 and CGA’s Atmospheric Gases & Equipment Committee. Throughout his involvement, he has helped build bridges between the two Associations. He is recognized by his CGA and EIGA colleagues as a top subject matter expert who understands the need to work collaboratively to find common solutions.

In addition to his significant contributions to the success of the global harmonization of industry standards, Sid is also a frequent participant on other CGA initiatives and has contributed his expertise to more than 50 work items. He currently serves as the chair of CGA’s Atmospheric Gases & Equipment Committee. He has also served as a presenter for numerous CGA safety seminars, technical panels, and the inaugural Young & Emerging Professionals Summit, advancing industry safety by sharing his extensive subject matter expertise.

Supporting Critical Harmonization Initiatives

As the industry becomes increasingly global, it is in the interest of enhanced safety, as well as improved efficiency, that industry publications are consistent wherever gases are produced, distributed, or used. It is important and beneficial for the industry to share safety practices and reduce the variability in safety standards and operating practices.

The International Harmonization Council is one arena where CGA participates to advance the industry’s strategic goals related to harmonized standards. The IHC is made up of four gas associations: the Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA), CGA, EIGA, and the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA). The IHC work program supports our efforts to:

Increase industry safety, improve efficiency, and decrease liability

Through the development and publication of harmonized standards, we are able to share the industry’s best practices and learnings and implement them consistently on a global scale.

Promote a unified industry message

We are able to more effectively advocate for our industry by leveraging harmonized positions and presenting a consistent position to external standards bodies such as ISO and the United Nations.

Address gaps and differences

The harmonization work process facilitates the identification and prioritization of work on gaps and differences in regional publications, regulations, and external standards.

More effectively use industry resources

By working collaboratively with AIGA, EIGA, and JIMGA we eliminate duplicate efforts by regional associations to address the same topics and consolidate the expertise and resources needed to support publication development and maintenance.

Provide access to safety information

Ensure that developing regions have access to publications developed by subject matter experts.

Dedicated committee members like Sid Phakey contribute substantial time and resources to supporting the global harmonization of industry standards, and we sincerely appreciate the expertise that they share with us. Please join us in congratulating Sid for his well-deserved recognition as the 2021 IOMA International Harmonization Award winner!

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