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CGA Company Members

More than 170 companies worldwide are members of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA), from multinational corporations to family-owned businesses. These companies represent all facets of the industry: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and transporters of gases, cryogenic liquids, and related products and services.

Our company members include:


Abdulla Hashim Industrial Gases and Equipment


Aceti-Oxigeno S. A.

Admiral Valve LLC

AGL Welding Supply Co., Inc.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Air Water America, Inc.

All Safe Global

American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc.

AOC Mexico SA de CV

Applied Cryo Technologies

Applied Home Healthcare Equipment

Arctic Compressor, LLC

Arrowhead Industrial Services Inc.


Atlantic Analytical Laboratory

Authorized Testing Inc.

Bair Energy

Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants, Inc.

Bay Corporation


B&R Compliance Associates LLC

Butler Gas Products

Carbide Industries LLC

Cashco, Inc.

Catalina Cylinders

Cavagna, North America, Inc.

Chart Industries, Inc.

Chester Valve Corporation

Circor International

City Machine & Welding Inc. of Amarillo

Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.

Cody Cylinder Services

CO2Meter Inc.

Control Devices LLC

CP Industries, Div CP Industries Holdings Inc.

Crane ChemPharma Energy

Cryogenic Industrial Solutions

Cryostar USA


CryoWorks Inc.

CTR Inc.

Cyl-Tec, Inc.

Danyang Xinya Valve Co., Ltd.

DeLille Oxygen Company

deutraMed Inc.

Drew Marine, Inc.

EFC Gases & Advanced Materials

Eleet Cryogenics Inc.

EMD Electronics

Entegris Inc.

Equate Petrochemical Co. KSCC


Equilon Enterprises LLC dba Shell Oil Products US


Fabrigas Belize Ltd.


FasTest, Inc.

FIBA Technologies, Inc.

FirstElement Fuel, Inc.

Fives Cryo Inc

Fizz Dispense

Fluitron, LLC

Galiso Incorporated

Gas Equipment Company Inc.


GasFlo Products, Inc.

Gaspro Latinoamerica S.A.

Generant Company Inc.

GenOx Transportation, Inc.

Global Calibration Gases LLC

Green CO2 Systems

H2 Strategies, LLC

Harris Products Group

Hangzhou Fortune Gas Cryogenic Group Co., Ltd.


Hexagon Digital Wave, LLC

Hexagon Group, ASA

Hexagon Purus



Hose Master LLC

Hospital el Pilar

Hyperkinetics Corp.

IGL Limited

ILMO Products Company

Independent Cylinder Training

Indiana Oxygen Company

Infra G.I. de Costa Rica S.A.

INFRA de Honduras S.A.

Innovair Industrial Limited

INOX India Pvt Ltd

Integrated Cryogenic Solutions, LLC

Integrated Project Services

Iwatani Corporation

Kanto Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd


Kelley Leasing Partners, LLC

KWIK Equipment Sales LLC

Label Solutions Inc.

Linde North America, Inc.

Lisam Systems

LogiCO2 International AB

Luxfer Gas Cylinders USA

Maki Trucking LLC

Marianas Gas Corporation dba/Island Equipment Co

Marshall Excelsior Company

Massy Gas Products Ltd.


Matrix Metal Products Inc.

Mechanical Engineering Products Co

Medical Gas Training Institute

Messer North America Inc.

Midwest Cylinder Inc.

MLEA, Inc. dba Main Line Engineering

Mountain Medical Gas, LLC

Nikkiso ACD

Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation

Nordco Rail Services LLC

Norris Cylinder Company

North American Helium Inc.

Outrider Gas Transports

Omega Flex

Oxigeno Carabobo CA

PDC Machines, Inc.

Plug Power Inc.

Productos del Aire de Guatemala, S. A.

Productos del Aire de Nicaragua, S.A.

Pure Air LTD

Pure Ox LLC

Raba Kistner

RAS Enterprises LLC

Ratermann Manufacturing Inc.

Rawhide Leasing Company LLC

REC Silicon Inc.

Refrigeration and Oxygen Limited

RegO Products

Reliant Holdings Limited


Rexarc International Inc.

Roberts Oxygen Company, Inc.

Rotarex Inc. North America

Safety Lab Plus, Inc.


SET Environmental, Inc.

Sherwood Valve LLC

SIAD Americas LLC

SJ Smith Company Inc.

Smart-Hose Technologies

Southern Pines Trucking Inc.

Specgas, Inc.

Specialty Trailer Leasing Inc.

Steigerwalt Associates Inc.

Superior Products

Synchronous dba First Mode LLC


Tekno Valves

TH Cochrane Laboratories Ltd.

Thunderbird Cylinders

TOMCO2 Systems

Toyota Motor North America R&D

TMx Aero

United Caribbean Airlines dba JetAir Caribbean

Unisource Manufacturing Inc.

Universal Industrial Gases

Utility Global


Weldship Corp.

Western Enterprises

Western International Gas & Cylinders, Inc.

Western Sales and Testing of Amarillo Inc.

WSM Supplier LLC

Worthington Industries, Pressure Cylinders

Partner & Affiliated Associations

CGA also maintains working relationships with a number of associations around the globe that are focused on the compressed gas industry or related products.

  • All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers – Center for Hydrogen Safety
  • Asia Industrial Gases Association*
  • Australia New Zealand Industrial Gas Association
  • British Compressed Gases Association
  • California Fuel Cell Partnership
  • Canadian Propane Association
  • Center for Transportation and the Environment
  • Cryogenic Society of America
  • European Cylinder Makers Association
  • European Industrial Gases Association*
  • Fire Suppression Systems Association
  • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association
  • Gases and Welding Distributors Association
  • Industriegaseverband e.V.
  • International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association
  • International Society of Beverage Technologists
  • International Oxygen Manufacturers Association*
  • Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association*
  • National Propane Gas Association
  • Renewable Hydrogen Alliance
  • Southern Africa Compressed Gases Association
  • U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

*These organizations, along with CGA, participate in the activities of the International Harmonization Council (IHC).