Free Safety Resources for You

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) publishes a growing line of posters and related safety campaigns for users who are new to interacting with our industry’s products, as a means of communicating basic safety information on topics such as home oxygen safety and the safe use of liquid nitrogen in food and beverage service environments.

For each topic, we publish a product-specific webpage, or “Safety Resource Center,” which offers one or more safety posters for free download, along with additional information and resources. These posters are fully scalable, allowing users to print in multiple sizes. Companies can also add their own contact information and branding to the posters, before distributing. In addition, the posters include a QR code, enabling viewers to quickly access supplementary information on-demand.

We currently offer end user safety posters and related online Safety Resource Centers on the following topics:

The following 4 Safety Resource Centers offer posters and additional resources for cannabis growers, and all those who wish to work safely with carbon dioxide; compressed gas cylinders and related equipment; flammable gases; and refrigerated and cryogenic liquids.

Gas Misuse & Abuse

Our industry’s products are used safely every day in thousands of applications, but they can pose serious hazards when misused or abused. We provide some links to supplemental information about those hazards and safe use practices.

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