June is National Safety Month

According to the National Safety Council, preventable injuries, commonly known as “accidents,” are the fourth leading cause of U.S. deaths.

Join CGA, and our members around the world, in observing National Safety Month as we work together to share the latest safety resources for our industry so we can prevent accidents and save lives. Join us on social media, share one of our pre-made social media posts, and go #Blue4CGASafety.

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Weekly Themes

Week 1: Safety 101

Week 2: Avoiding Accidents

Week 3: Finding Safety Resources

Week 4: Emergency Response

CGA Safety Resource Centers

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) publishes a growing line of posters and related safety materials for users who are new to interacting with our industry’s products.

The Safety Resource Centers, offer free, downloadable safety posters along with additional information and resources for topics including dry ice, home and medical oxygen, liquid nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, cylinders and equipment, flammable gases, and refrigerated and cryogenic equipment.

“CGA has been a leader in compressed gas industry safety for over 100 years. We are proud to work with CGA and our fellow members to spread our safety message far and wide. June is our chance to make it happen. Join us this month and go #Blue4CGASafety.”

Safety Month News

10 Essential Tips for Safe Dry Ice Handling

Dry ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide, is a versatile substance used for various purposes, from preserving perishable goods to creating special effects. While it’s incredibly useful, it’s essential to handle dry ice with caution to prevent accidents and ensure safety. Here are the top tips for safely handling dry ice, based on guidelines provided by CGA.

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CGA Releases New Standard Procedures for Hydrogen Supply Systems

CGA is taking a significant step forward in enhancing hydrogen safety with the publication of its latest document, H-7, Standard Procedures for Hydrogen Supply Systems.

outdoor gas field setting

CGA Urges Delay in Sale of Federal Helium Reserve to Prevent Supply Chain Crisis

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA), representing a coalition of industries reliant on helium, urgently calls for the delay in the sale of of the Federal Helium Reserve System (FHR). The FHR is located in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas and provides 20% of US helium supply.

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