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More than 130 member companies worldwide work together through the committee system within CGA to create technical specifications, safety standards, and training and educational materials; to cooperate with governmental agencies in formulating responsible regulations and standards; and to promote compliance with these regulations and standards in the workplace.

The work of CGA is carried out by committees of volunteers from member companies who have expertise in the particular areas targeted. Each of these committees focuses on work item projects through its subcommittees and task forces. These working groups meet regularly at CGA headquarters in Northern Virginia or at other sites around the United States and Canada. CGA’s staff provides coordination and technical support.

An American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited Standards Developing Organization, CGA works directly with federal, state, and provincial agencies and fire code officials to promote safe and responsible practices and regulations.

We also support several committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and coordinate member company participation in the development of ISO standards through U.S. and Canadian advisory groups.

Additionally, CGA works with other industrial gas associations around the world to harmonize standards to advance safety in the industrial gas industry. We also participate in the United Nations to develop model regulations that apply to the industrial gas and equipment industry.