The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) publishes a growing library of resources for users at all experience levels with our industry’s products, as a means of communicating safety information on a wide variety of important topics.


CGA maintains a library of over 400 publications, safety alerts, safety bulletins, technical bulletins, technical reports, training materials, and our Handbook of Compressed Gases.

Safety Posters

Free downloadable safety posters. Take advantage of and share these free resources to help ensure that all those who come in contact with our industry’s products, may do so safely.

Safety Information

For many of our most popular and searched compressed gases, we publish a “Safety Resource Center”, which provides safety information, related free poster downloads, and other resources in one place.

E-Learning Modules

Our growing library of eLearning modules present core concepts from our standards library in a format that is accessible and engaging for employees who are new to the industry.


We publish a steady stream of news articles to this section of our website to help keep all those in the compressed gas industry – both CGA members and non-members – fully informed.

Hydrogen Safety

Hydrogen has been growing in popularity as a viable renewable energy source. CGA has standards, guides, infographics, videos, and more to help learn about hydrogen safety.

Featured Resource

CGA is modernizing the CGA Handbook of Compressed Gases by making it a virtual tool, and we are pleased to announce that the gas monographs are now available in electronic format and can be accessed by going to the Handbook publication detail page and then clicking on the “Handbook Online” button.

The gas monographs provide information on the properties, uses, emergency response, safety, and special handling information for fifty-eight (58) of the most common compressed gases. Each gas monograph opens with basic identifying information: chemical name of the gas, its chemical symbol, synonyms, CAS registry number, DOT and TC proper shipping name, classification, labels, assigned UN number, and GHS classification.

Latest News

10 Essential Tips for Safe Dry Ice Handling

Dry ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide, is a versatile substance used for various purposes, from preserving perishable goods to creating special effects. While it's incredibly useful, it's essential to handle dry ice with caution to prevent accidents and ensure safety. Here are the top tips for safely handling dry ice, based on guidelines provided by CGA.
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CGA Releases New Standard Procedures for Hydrogen Supply Systems

CGA is taking a significant step forward in enhancing hydrogen safety with the publication of its latest document, H-7, Standard Procedures for Hydrogen Supply Systems.
outdoor gas field setting

CGA Urges Delay in Sale of Federal Helium Reserve to Prevent Supply Chain Crisis

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA), representing a coalition of industries reliant on helium, urgently calls for the delay in the sale of of the Federal Helium Reserve System (FHR). The FHR is located in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas and provides 20% of US helium supply.
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Call for Speaker Proposals: TECH24

We are excited to announce that this October 28-30 in Houston, TX, we are bringing a brand-new in-person event to our members, and we invite you to submit a presentation!
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CGA Welcomes Jason Bombard as Technical Manager for Multiple Committees

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our team at the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) – Jason Bombard.
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Embracing New Opportunities: A Q&A with Our Newest Team Member

CGA's Director of Marketing, Communications, and Events, Paul Pflieger, recently had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our newest team members, Tanisha Hurey, to delve into her background, aspirations, and insights. Join us as we get to know her better and explore her journey into the exciting world of CGA.
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CO2 Solutions Coalition Forms To Prevent Carbon Dioxide Supply Shortages For Essential Industries

The CO2 Solutions Coalition has launched as a groundbreaking initiative to educate lawmakers, regulators, and the public about the necessary and beneficial uses of carbon dioxide (CO2) in diverse and essential applications across the economy in light of recent shortages facing end-users of CO2 and causing direct impacts on American consumers.
CGA Standard for Carbon Dioxide cover

CGA Publishes G-6.14: Standard for Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Near Consumer and Industrial Applications

Prioritizing life safety, this new standard serves as a comprehensive guide designed for national standards, local codes, and individuals involved in CO2 system design and use.
CGA Safe Facility Performance

CGA Safe Facility Awards Submission Period Now Open!

CGA is now accepting submissions for the Safe Facility Performance Awards. Deadline: January 31, 2024