The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) publishes a growing library of resources for users at all experience levels with our industry’s products, as a means of communicating safety information on a wide variety of important topics.


CGA maintains a library of over 400 publications, safety alerts, safety bulletins, technical bulletins, technical reports, training materials, and our Handbook of Compressed Gases.

Safety Posters

Free downloadable safety posters. Take advantage of and share these free resources to help ensure that all those who come in contact with our industry’s products, may do so safely.

Safety Information

For many of our most popular and searched compressed gases, we publish a “Safety Resource Center”, which provides safety information, related free poster downloads, and other resources in one place.

E-Learning Modules

Our growing library of eLearning modules present core concepts from our standards library in a format that is accessible and engaging for employees who are new to the industry.


We publish a steady stream of news articles to this section of our website to help keep all those in the compressed gas industry – both CGA members and non-members – fully informed.

Hydrogen Safety

Hydrogen has been growing in popularity as a viable renewable energy source. CGA has standards, guides, infographics, videos, and more to help learn about hydrogen safety.

Featured Resource

CGA is modernizing the CGA Handbook of Compressed Gases by making it a virtual tool, and we are pleased to announce that the gas monographs are now available in electronic format and can be accessed by going to the Handbook publication detail page and then clicking on the “Handbook Online” button.

The gas monographs provide information on the properties, uses, emergency response, safety, and special handling information for fifty-eight (58) of the most common compressed gases. Each gas monograph opens with basic identifying information: chemical name of the gas, its chemical symbol, synonyms, CAS registry number, DOT and TC proper shipping name, classification, labels, assigned UN number, and GHS classification.

Latest News

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CGA Board of Directors Approves Strategic Hydrogen Plan

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Board of Directors has officially approved a comprehensive Strategic Hydrogen Plan aimed at accelerating the development of hydrogen standards both within the CGA and on a global scale.
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Call for Nominations: CGA Standards Council

The CGA Standards Council is responsible for approving CGA publications and positions, as well as managing committee activities and resources. The Council approves all committee missions, guides committee activities, and assesses committee resources. Standards Council members play a key role in advancing CGA’s safety mission.
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Call for Nominations: CGA Board of Directors

The CGA Board of Directors is the legally recognized governing body for the association, responsible for upholding CGA’s bylaws and ensuring sound financial and administrative management. Board members foster cooperative relationships, support the development and implementation of strategic initiatives, and promote the advancement of CGA’s safety mission.
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Committee Spotlight: Young & Emerging Professionals

In 2020, the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) initiated a new Young & Emerging Professionals Committee (YEP) to provide opportunities for CGA member employees aged 45 years and under to expand their industry knowledge, build relationships, and develop their professional skills. In addition, individuals who are new to the industry find this committee a way to transition into the work of the technical committees. The YEP Committee is one of several initiatives CGA is taking to solidify the continued availability of experts needed to support our safety mission.
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Chenai Maguwah Joins CGA: A New Chapter in Standards Development

CGA is pleased to welcome Chenai Maguwah to our team as the new Standards and Committees Administrator. Chenai brings a wealth of experience and a passion for standards development, making her a valuable addition to our organization.

CGA Welcomes FDA’s Long-Awaited Final Rule on Medical Gases

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) applauds the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for finalizing the long-anticipated rule on Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP), Certification, Postmarketing Safety Reporting, and Labeling Requirements for Certain Medical Gases.
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Updated Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage Standards: CGA H-3 Now Available

CGA H-3 contains the suggested minimum design and performance requirements for shop-fabricated, vacuum-insulated cryogenic tanks (vertical and horizontal) intended for above ground storage of liquid hydrogen.
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CGA G-5 Ninth Edition: Essential Hydrogen Storage and Safety Information

CGA would like to announce the release of CGA G-5: 2024, Hydrogen, 9th edition.  This publication provides information on the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and proper handling and use.
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Supporting Critical Infrastructure Recovery: Roberts Oxygen’s Role in the Key Bridge Demolition Project

CGA is proud to work with companies across the country and around the world that are committed to supporting vital infrastructure projects, especially in times of urgent need.