Decoding CGA’s Publication Library

If you have ever read a CGA publication, you may have noticed that each publication has a unique alphabetical and numerical identifier. But did you know that you can use the alphabetical identifier as a clue to help determine the expected content of the publication?  

Committee Spotlight: CGA Natural Gas Technology Committee

In recent years, the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) has rapidly grown as a fuel source for electricity generation, heating, transportation, and more.

CGA Hires Paul Pflieger as Director of Communications and Marketing

CGA has hired Paul Pflieger to position CGA as the leading authority for safety information about the industrial, medical, and food gases industries.

The element helium's square from the periodic table is shown

A Safe and Reliable Supply of Helium is Necessary for U.S. National Security

CGA asks for federal intervention to delay the disposal of the Federal Helium Reserve in response to national security concerns.

CGA and Government Advocacy

The CGA Executive Committee recently approved guidelines for CGA to engage in advocacy initiatives with international, federal, provincial, state, local and tribal governments in support of CGA members and in furtherance of the CGA mission.

CGA Committees, Members, Leadership and Staff – What do they do?

With over 25 committees in the U.S. and Canada, CGA is well-equipped to address a range of technical and safety issues. But what do committees do? Who can participate?

Unlocking the Future of Hydrogen

CGA offers a variety of hydrogen safety resources ranging from a library of 20+ technical standards to easy to understand safety videos.

NFPA Rob Early CGA Pic

Rob Early Recognized with NFPA Committee Service Award

Rob Early’s commitment to the NFPA work on behalf of CGA members has earned him one of NFPA’s highest awards, the Committee Service Award.

CGA Committee Spotlight Graphic

Committee Spotlight: CGA Canadian Committees

CGA’s Canadian Committees provide regulatory knowledge to determine and oversee the interactions with regulatory authorities in Canada.

CGA Committee Leadership Seminar Cover

2022 CGA Committee Leadership Seminar Recap

CGA’s 2022 Committee Leadership Seminar provided an overview of effective meeting management strategies, work processes, and CGA programs.