New Standard: CGA H-17 Small Scale Hydrogen Production

CGA H-17, Guideline for Small Scale Hydrogen Production, addresses the safety aspects associated with siting and operating small scale hydrogen plants which are not currently addressed in existing publications for large HYCO (hydrogen, CO, and/or mixtures thereof) plants.

Young and Emerging Professionals from Across the Compressed Gas Industry Gather for Virtual Summit

The fourth annual Young and Emerging Professionals Summit, which took place virtually across four days this August, gathered more than 600 professionals from across the compressed gas industry.

From Driver to Safety Leader: Dave Mason’s Inspiring Journey at Roberts Oxygen

In the realm of safety, the most profound lessons often stem from studying the best in the business. This ethos has been at the core of Roberts Oxygen’s philosophy, and it’s a principle that Dave Mason embraced from his very first days as a driver/salesperson, a remarkable 46 years ago.

Grillin’ & Chillin’ The Gases Behind Your BBQ

As many of us get prepared for our labor day BBQs take a minute to appreciate the many ways compressed gases make your labor day weekend possible. Our “invisible ingredients” have a profound impact on almost every part of the BBQ.

Handling and Receiving Cylinders After Exposure to Hurricanes & Other Natural Disasters

Highlighting two CGA safety alerts that focus on handling and receiving cylinders that have been exposed to natural disasters.

Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and Inlet Connections

The 16th edition of this publication, issued in August 2023, applies the combined experience and knowledge of gas producers, valve manufacturers, military services, federal agencies, and gas users to establish detailed dimensions for the manufacture of cylinder valve outlet and inlet connections.

Empowering Safety: CGA’s Vital Role in Shaping Industry Standards

One of CGA’s primary missions is to create safety standards intended for utilization by its members, customers, regulators, as well as the broader public. The CGA library houses an extensive collection of over 380 publications that align with this objective. However, it’s worth noting that CGA’s involvement extends beyond its own standards.

Hydrogen Safety Video: Transportation and Storage

The latest video from the Safe Hydrogen Project covers the safe storage and transportation of hydrogen.

Carbon Dioxide: A Necessary and Useful Gas

Carbon dioxide is a gas that is essential for life on Earth. Humans need carbon dioxide to regulate respiration and control blood pH. Plants use carbon dioxide to create oxygen through photosynthesis. However, carbon dioxide is also a greenhouse gas, which means that it traps heat in the atmosphere. This can contribute to climate change. As a result, there is increasing policy and legislation being enacted around the world to limit CO2 atmospheric emissions. Despite its negative environmental impact, carbon dioxide also has many beneficial uses in society. Here are just a few…

10 Tips for Cylinder Valve Safety

Compressed gas cylinders are commonly used in various industries and applications, but they can present significant hazards if not handled and used properly. Here are 10 tips for compressed gas cylinder valve safety.