Committed to Your Safety

Compressed gas is the invisible ingredient in millions of products used in everyday life. At CGA, we believe that we have a social responsibility to ensure that users have the information that they need to use our industry’s products safely. In addition to our extensive library of technical publications, we offer a variety of easy to understand resources on gas properties, handling and use instructions, hazard warnings, and more.

Our eLearning modules are designed for users who are new to handling our industry’s products and equipment. Self-paced and interactive, these affordable training modules will give you an understanding of the information that you need to know before getting to work. Find them under our Publications menu in the Video & Training Materials section.

CGA’s Handbook of Compressed Gases is a comprehensive guide to the industry, with 13 chapters on topics such as gas safety, regulations, valves, cylinders, containers, bulk shipments and delivery system equipment. The Handbook also includes monographs for more than 60 gases with chemical information, physical constants, vapor pressure curve, description, uses, physiological effects, methods of shipment, containers and other important information on compressed gases. Buy your copy today in our Publications store.

Our free Safety Alerts provide quick notification of potentially serious safety hazards. These alerts will provide you with facts about the hazard and a reference to the CGA publications that address the topic in more detail. Find them under our Publications menu in the Alerts, Bulletins, Positions, & Reports section.

Available in English and French, our free Safety Posters provide basic safe handling information on a variety of topics. The files can be printed and displayed wherever gases are used for a visual reminder of important safety practices. Find them under our Publications menu in the Video & Training Materials section.

One of our newest resources, these informative sessions cover the history, basic safe handling and use recommendations, and the experiences that formed those positions. Each webinar is presented by a subject matter expert, making them a valuable educational resource for employees new to the industry or those who want to brush up on a particular topic. These sessions are affordably priced and available on demand for your convenience. Find them under our Publications menu in the Video & Training Materials section.