Leveraging a Unified Voice to Advocate for the Industry

In today’s global marketplace, it is increasingly important for the industry to reduce the variability in safety standards and operating practices. CGA’s participation in efforts to harmonize industry publications ensures that industry requirements and practices are consistent wherever gases are produced, distributed, or used.

Harmonization has many benefits for the industry, including:

  • Increased safety, improved efficiency, and decreased liability

    as a result of sharing best practices and learnings and implementing them consistently on a global scale.

  • Leverage harmonized positions to promote a unified industry message

    to global standards bodies, regulators, and more.

  • Elimination of duplicate regional efforts to address the same topics,

    which allows regional gas associations to use industry resources more effectively.

  • Identification of gaps and differences

    in association publications, regional regulations, and external standards so that they can be prioritized and addressed.

  • Provides developing regions with access to safety information

    developed by the industry’s leading subject matter experts.

CGA participates in numerous global arenas. To learn more about our harmonization programs and partners, click here.