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CGA Board of Directors Approves Strategic Hydrogen Plan

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Board of Directors has officially approved a comprehensive Strategic Hydrogen Plan aimed at accelerating the development of hydrogen standards both within the CGA and on a global scale.

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Updated Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage Standards: CGA H-3 Now Available

CGA H-3 contains the suggested minimum design and performance requirements for shop-fabricated, vacuum-insulated cryogenic tanks (vertical and horizontal) intended for above ground storage of liquid hydrogen.

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CGA G-5 Ninth Edition: Essential Hydrogen Storage and Safety Information

CGA would like to announce the release of CGA G-5: 2024, Hydrogen, 9th edition.  This publication provides information on the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and proper handling and use.

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CGA Releases New Standard Procedures for Hydrogen Supply Systems

CGA is taking a significant step forward in enhancing hydrogen safety with the publication of its latest document, H-7, Standard Procedures for Hydrogen Supply Systems.

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Hydrogen Safety: Small Scale Hydrogen Production Video

CGA’s Safe Hydrogen Project launches their newest video focused on the safety considerations of small scale hydrogen production facilities.

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The Hydrogen Safety Ecosystem: An Essential Resource for Safe Hydrogen Practices

As hydrogen gains prominence, ensuring its safe handling and utilization becomes paramount. Recognizing this need, the International Harmonization Council (IHC) of which the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) is a member, took a significant step earlier this year by creating the “Hydrogen Safety Ecosystem”.

New Standard: CGA H-17 Small Scale Hydrogen Production

CGA H-17, Guideline for Small Scale Hydrogen Production, addresses the safety aspects associated with siting and operating small scale hydrogen plants which are not currently addressed in existing publications for large HYCO (hydrogen, CO, and/or mixtures thereof) plants.

Hydrogen Safety Video: Transportation and Storage

The latest video from the Safe Hydrogen Project covers the safe storage and transportation of hydrogen.

Publication Spotlight: CGA P-96

CGA recently issued a new publication CGA P-96, Reciprocating Cryogenic Pumps and Pump Installations for Hydrogen and Liquefied Natural Gas.  The scope of CGA P-96 covers pumps in liquid hydrogen and liquefied natural gas, but this article will focus on cryogenic liquid hydrogen.

CGA Member, Jennifer Hamilton, Nominated to Serve as Chair of the US TAG for ISO/TC 197

Jennifer is the point of contact for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership’s reciprocal membership with CGA. Within CGA, Jennifer participates in various hydrogen-specific projects and committees, including: CGA’s Hydrogen Technology Committee, CGA’s Hazardous Materials Codes Committee, CGA’s EWP: Position on Liquid Hydrogen System Separation Distances.