CGA Launches New Publication Delivery System

Scheduled for release this fall, this new system will provide enhanced access to CGA’s library of more than 340 industry safety publications.

Calculate with Confidence: Properly Size Pressure Relief Devices for Compressed Gas Portable Containers Using the Newly Updated CGA S-1.2

Get the new edition of S-1.2 to specify the most optimally-sized PRDs for portable containers.

How IBR Petitions Get Developed within CGA

Discover step-by-step how CGA committees petition regulatory agencies to incorporate our publications by reference, making those standards federally enforceable.

Decoding the Mysteries of ‘IBR’

Ever wonder what “IBR” or Incorporated by Reference means? We explain the process, and give examples of CGA publications that have been IBR’d into US federal regulations.

GAWDA Distributors Encouraged to Participate in Valuable CGA Subscription Program

In May, CGA’s Rich Gottwald presented at GAWDA’s Spring Management Conference, encouraging distributor members to participate in the CGA Subscription Program.