CGA’s S-1.3 Publication Guides Optimal PRD Sizing for Compressed Gas Stationary Containers

To protect compressed gas stationary containers, users must select a PRD with the proper set pressure and correct flow capacity.

CGA’s V-1 Publication Helps Minimize Risk of Hazardous Misconnections of Incompatible Gases

This standard applies the experience and knowledge of gas producers, valve manufacturers, military services, federal agencies, and gas users to establish detailed dimensions for the manufacture of cylinder valve outlet and inlet connections.

CGA’s P-63 Publication Recommends Safe, Environmentally Responsible Disposal Methods for Compressed Gases & Mixtures

This safety standard recommends disposal methods for more than 140 gases and their mixtures, as well as safe practices for the disposal of these gases’ containers.

CGA’s P-86 Publication Guides Process Safety Management in Industrial & Medical Gas Facilities

This safety publication provides detailed guidance on 21 elements to fully implement a process safety management system for managing known process safety hazards in industrial and medical gas facilities.

CGA’s G-5.5 Publication Provides Methods for Safe Venting of Hydrogen

Issued in April 2021, the 4th edition of this publication provides the minimum requirements for the safe design, installation, and operation of hydrogen vent systems.

CGA’s G-4.4 Publication Guides the Safe Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems

Now in its 6th edition, CGA G-4.4 describes the principal risks and hazards associated with oxygen systems and strategies to mitigate those hazards through good engineering design.

CSB Commends CGA for Developing New Process Safety Standard, CGA P-86

During its April 2, 2021 public meeting, the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board commended CGA for developing the new safety publication, CGA P-86, Guideline for Process Safety Management, in response to CSB’s recommendations.