CGA Certification Board Offers New Features For 2021

Since 2018, CGACB has issued a total of 123 credentials, and there are some exciting new developments for 2021.

CGACB Expands Offerings to 3 Certifications for Bulk Compressed Medical Gas Supply Systems

CGACB now offers certifications in bulk CMG supply systems for installers, verifiers, and instructors.

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CGA Certification Board, LLC Holds First Exam

The CGA Certification Board, LLC (CGACB) held its first exam on December 12, 2018, for personnel involved in the installation and maintenance of bulk compressed medical gas supply systems. Candidates who successfully completed the exam will obtain a dual certification to CGA M-1, Standard for Medical Gas Supply Systems at Health Care Facilities, and ASSE 6015, Bulk Medical Gas Systems Installers. The candidates included representatives from Airgas, Air Products and Chemicals, Matheson, and Linde North America.

The CGA M-1/ASSE 6015 Certification provides a comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s knowledge of the process of designing, locating, installing, commissioning, maintaining, testing, removing, and documenting work on a bulk CMG supply system, including:

  • the minimum requirements for the design, installation, maintenance, testing, and removal of all new or upgraded bulk CMG supply systems at health care facilities;
  • FDA current good manufacturing practice requirements that shall be taken into account to prevent adulteration of the compressed medical gases; and
  • requirements from applicable national regulations and model codes.

The certification indicates to inspectors, health care facility operators, and other stakeholders that a technician has been evaluated by an independent certification body and found to have a thorough working knowledge of applicable industry standards including CGA M-1, NFPA 99, NFPA 55, and the FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. Candidates are also required to submit their training history and company standard operating procedure contents for review to ensure that they meet or exceed the requirements of CGA M-1 or ASSE 6015.

The CGACB is working to schedule CGA M-1/ASSE 6015 Certification exam dates and locations in 2019 based on requests from interested candidates. If you are interested in obtaining the certification and would like to suggest a location or get more information about the 2019 schedule, please contact the CGA Certification Board, LLC.