June 2024 National Safety Month

National Safety Month Spotlights Compressed Gas Industry’s Commitment to Safety

This June, the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) is proud to participate in National Safety Month, a dedicated period to emphasize workplace safety across industries. Throughout the month, CGA will lead its members in an engaging series of initiatives designed to educate, inform, and empower the compressed gas community on safety best practices.

a person with gloves on handling dry ice safely

10 Essential Tips for Safe Dry Ice Handling

Dry ice, a solid form of carbon dioxide, is a versatile substance used for various purposes, from preserving perishable goods to creating special effects. While it’s incredibly useful, it’s essential to handle dry ice with caution to prevent accidents and ensure safety. Here are the top tips for safely handling dry ice, based on guidelines provided by CGA.

CGA Standard for Carbon Dioxide cover

CGA Publishes G-6.14: Standard for Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Near Consumer and Industrial Applications

Prioritizing life safety, this new standard serves as a comprehensive guide designed for national standards, local codes, and individuals involved in CO2 system design and use.

Handling and Receiving Cylinders After Exposure to Hurricanes & Other Natural Disasters

Highlighting two CGA safety alerts that focus on handling and receiving cylinders that have been exposed to natural disasters.

10 Tips for Cylinder Valve Safety

Compressed gas cylinders are commonly used in various industries and applications, but they can present significant hazards if not handled and used properly. Here are 10 tips for compressed gas cylinder valve safety.

Publication Spotlight: CGA P-96

CGA recently issued a new publication CGA P-96, Reciprocating Cryogenic Pumps and Pump Installations for Hydrogen and Liquefied Natural Gas.  The scope of CGA P-96 covers pumps in liquid hydrogen and liquefied natural gas, but this article will focus on cryogenic liquid hydrogen.

Acetylene Safety Tips

Acetylene is a highly flammable and explosive gas, so it is important to take proper safety precautions when working with it. Check out some of CGA’s latest acetylene safety tips.

Safety and CO2

To ensure the safe handling of carbon dioxide, the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has outlined a few safety considerations for its use, storage, and transportation in its liquid, gaseous, and solid (dry ice) forms and when it is used as a component in gas mixtures.

CGA Safety Alerts Provide Guidance on Handling and Receiving Cylinders After Hurricanes & Other Natural Disasters

Damaged or leaking cylinders can pose serious hazards. Please reference these safety alerts, which are available to all and may be downloaded for free.

CGA Offers Compressed Gas Safety Resources for the Cannabis Industry

CGA now offers free posters and related safety information for cannabis growers and processors on the topics of carbon dioxide, cryogenic and refrigerated liquids, flammable gases, and compressed gas cylinders and equipment.