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Hydrogen Safety: Small Scale Hydrogen Production Video

Large scale hydrogen production has been commercially practiced for decades.  Most large-scale hydrogen production facilities are based on the steam methane reforming (SMR) process to generate hydrogen. Historically, smaller plants have also been based on the SMR process and have been used in industrial applications as well. The small facilities typically are sited inside or adjacent to the hydrogen customer’s facility.  The only difference between plants is the size, not the operational method.

However, with the increased demand for hydrogen as a fuel for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) including trucks, buses, and cars, smaller hydrogen production facilities are becoming more common. These facilities bring the source of hydrogen closer in proximity to fueling stations and other customers and can match the size of the facility with the fuel demand.

The end users of this hydrogen might have little or no experience in the chemical process industry. In addition, these facilities are more likely than large hydrogen plants to be operated unattended or partially attended.

Learn more about the safety considerations for Small Scale Hydrogen Production in the Safe Hydrogen Project’s latest video: