Unlimited Access to CGA’s Publications

Subscriptions provide convenient access to all CGA publications in electronic format for one or more employees. Sign up now to have unlimited access to the industry’s leading safety standards whenever you need them – day or night.

  • Annual Fee
  • $1,795
    1 License
  • $2,430
    2 Licenses
  • $3,175
    5 Licenses
  • $4,950
    10 Licenses
  • $6,030
    15 Licenses
  • $6,985
    20 Licenses
  • Add $1,475 for each additional 5 licenses
Terms & Conditions:
Payment must be included with your subscription agreement. Credit cards are not accepted for subscriptions.
The official representative will be the only person authorized to register employees for licenses. All registrants must have a unique email address and be employees of the same company or agency.
Subscriptions do not include hard-copy publications, videos, training modules, webinars, or the Handbook of Compressed Gases. These items must be purchased separately at the customer price. Electronic publications can be printed for the personal use of the licensed individual.