CGA Committee Leadership Seminar Cover

The 2022 CGA Committee Leadership Seminar was held as a two-part webinar the afternoons of May 24-25. The sessions were attended by approximately 30 individuals, including chairs, vice chairs, and new committee members from both U.S. base and Canadian committees.

Presentations focused on antitrust compliance, responsibilities of technical committee chairs, CGA’s committee guidelines and work process, committee workload management, staff roles, succession and engagement, an overview of CGA’s portal and Compass, and CGA’s new initiatives.

“The breakout sessions were well planned and very effective. Keep up the great work!” – 2022 CGA Committee Leadership Seminar Attendee

Attendees also participated in breakout sessions with discussions on leadership and meeting management and member engagement and participation, the following are a few highlights from the discussions:

  • To make meetings effective, come prepared, actively participate, and stay engaged.
  • For newer participants don’t be intimidated, you can contribute
  • For committee leadership positions, lean on CGA staff for guidance
  • Members should use meeting reminder notices as a tickler to prepare for a meeting
  • Participants can learn from others and the discussion at the meetings
  • A benefit of participating in committee work is networking, there is great benefit from working with colleagues from other member companies
  • To help engage and add value for new participants:
    • add time at end of meetings to answer questions.
    • encourage participants to share ideas; and
    • add additional details to the agenda to help provide background on the items being discussed
  • If you are reluctant and unsure where/how to get involved reach out to CGA staff to point you in the right direction

CGA would like to give a special thanks to Kevin Ormerod, Assistant General Counsel, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., and chair of CGAs Legal Committee, for his presentation on antitrust compliance.

Members who would like to learn more about CGA committee activities can access our on-demand member training sessions under the Education section of our website.