eLearning: TM-11, The Safe Preparation of Compressed Oxidant-Fuel Gas Mixtures

This new e-learning module covers the minimum recommendations for the safe preparation of compressed oxidant-fuel gas mixtures in cylinders by both static methods (addition of one component after another) and dynamic methods (addition of all components simultaneously) in cylinders. The majority of these mixtures are prepared by static methods.

While TM-11 is not a detailed work instruction or SOP, it specifically addresses:

  • avoiding risks by applying key principles for compressed oxidant-fuel gas mixture manufacture;
  • an overview of the manufacturing of oxidant-fuel gas mixtures.
  • a discussion of gas mixing equipment, preparation, filling, analysis, disposal; and
  • emergency planning.

CGA Members and GAWDA subscribers have free access. For customers, it is $59 for access to this eLearning training for 90 days.