2022 CGA Publications

December 16, 2022

CGA’s Committees have been hard at work in 2022 and have published, revised, and reaffirmed more than 60 publications. To see a full list of available publications please visit our publications portal.

Pub IDEdTitle
C-112Methods for Pressure Testing Compressed Gas Cylinders and Tubes
C-58Wall Stress Requalification Criteria for High Pressure Seamless Steel Cylinders
C-613Standard for Visual Inspection of Steel Compressed Gas Cylinders
C-173Methods to Avoid and Detect Internal Corrosion of Gas Cylinders and Tubes
C-301Guideline for Management of Embrittlement During Evacuation of Annular Space of DOT-4L and TC-4LM Liquid Cylinders (Formerly TB-30)
E-18Standard for Rubber Welding Hose and Hose Connections for Gas Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes
E-163Standard for Compressed Gas Check Valves for Pressures up to 3500 psi
F-51Standard for Food Gas Food Defense
G-1.15Commodity Specification for Acetylene
G-1.84Guideline for the Operation and Closure of Carbide Lime Ponds
G-4.1F7Nettoyage D’équipment Pour un Service en Contact Avec de L’oxygène (G-4.1, 2018 Edition – French)
G-6.18Standard for Large Insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Systems at User Sites
G-6.55Standard for Small Stationary Insulated Carbon Dioxide Supply Systems
G-6.65Standard for Carbon Dioxide Bulk Transfer Hoses
H-161Guideline on Remedial Actions for HYCO Plant Components Subject to High Temperature Hydrogen Attack
M-76Standard for Qualifying Suppliers Used by Medical Gas Manufacturers, Equipment Manufacturers, and Distributors
M-143Guideline for Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen Bulk Transport Change of Grade
M-162Standard for Food, Drug, and Medical Device Gas and Gas Equipment Manufacturers on Electronic Records and Signatures
M-172Standard for Automatic Trailer Fill Compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 and PIC/S Annex 11 Requirements
M-182Standard for the Change of Product and Change of Grade for High Pressure and Refrigerated Liquid Containers
M-221Standard for Medical Gas Quick Connect Adaptors (Formerly SB-43)
M-281Guideline for Assessment of Health Care Facility Medical Oxygen Systems
P-113Standard for Safe Handling of Compressed Gases in Containers
P-87Guideline for Safe Practices for Cryogenic Air Separation Plants
P-8.14Safe Installation and Operation of PSA and Membrane Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators
P-8.63Unmanned Air Gas Plants—Design and Operation
P-96The Inert Gases: Argon, Nitrogen, and Helium
P-156Standard for the Filling of Nonflammable Compressed Gas Cylinders
P-285OSHA Process Safety Management and EPA Risk Management Plan Guidance Document for Bulk Liquid Hydrogen Supply Systems
P-295Guideline for the Application of OSHA PSM and EPA RMP to the Compressed Gas Industry
P-343Safe Handling of Ozone-Containing Mixtures Including the Installation and Operation of Ozone-Generating Equipment
P-363The Safe Preparation of Gas Mixtures
P-563Cryogenic Vaporization Systems—Prevention of Brittle Fracture of Equipment and Piping
P-583Safe Preparation of Compressed Oxidant-Fuel Gas Mixtures in Cylinders
P-661Guideline for the Selection of Pressure Relief Devices and Valve Outlets for UN Marked Cylinders
P-701Standard for the Safe Handling of Oxygen Cylinders in the Offshore Marine Industry (Formerly SB-7)
P-921Standard for Portable Liquid Nitrogen Pumper Systems
P-941Guideline for Determining the Extent of External Vessel Corrosion on Foam Insulated MC-331 Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Tank Trailers
P-971Guideline for the Safe Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders (Formerly S-8)
PS-25CGA Position Statement on Establishing an Industry Standard Color Code for Compressed Gas Cylinders
PS-242CGA Position Statement on Use of Tapered and Parallel (Straight) Threads in Aluminum Alloy Cylinders
PS-441CGA Position Statement on Designated Medical Gases are Not Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
PS-491CGA Position Statement on Bulk Transport Vessels for the Delivery of Food Gases
PS-671CGA Position Statement on Nitrogen Supply for Use in Cryosaunas
PS-681CGA Position Statement on Design Registration Requirements for Vacuum-Jacketed Pressure Vessel Piping
PS-691CGA Position Statement on Liquefied Hydrogen Supply System Separation Distances
S-1.116Pressure Relief Device Standards-Part 1-Cylinders for Compressed Gases
SA-231Safety Alert, Acetylene Cylinders Missing Required Markings
SA-352Safety Alert, Cleaning of Cylinders Returned from Health Care Facilities During a Pandemic
SA-372Safety Alert, Medical Oxygen Supply System Issues During the COVID-19 Crisis
SP-101Safety Poster (Industrial), Misuse of Adaptors Can Be Dangerous
SP-241Safety Poster (End User), Understanding Gas Labels
SP-251Safety Poster (End User), Safe Storage and Transport of Compressed Gas Cylinders and Containers
SP-261Safety Poster (End User), Oxygen Safety
SP-271Safety Poster (End User), Understanding Carbon Dioxide Hazards in Food and Beverage Industry
TR-21High Pressure Steel Cylinders In-Service Performance
TR-61Arsine Threshold Limit Value
V-1 AMD1Standard for Compressed Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and Inlet Connections-AMENDMENT 1
V-143Performance Standard for Sealing Gaskets Used on CGA 870 Connections for Medical Oxygen Service at a Maximum Service Pressure of 3000 psi
V-171Guideline for Handling and Use of CGA 630/710 Series Ultra High Integrity Service Connections
V-181Standard for Required Markings and Manufacturer Identification on Post-Type Medical Cylinder Valves (Formerly TB-20)