CGA’s June 2019 Safety Publications (New Releases & Revisions)

July 3, 2019

During June 2019, the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) issued the following new and/or revised safety standards, guidelines, and position statements:

C-10 – Guideline to Prepare Cylinders and Tubes for Gas Service and Changes in Gas Service

Released: June 18, 2019 (6th Edition)

This document provides a guide to those establishing procedures for changing cylinders from one gas service to another.

The recommendations in this publication do not apply to:

  • nonrefillable and composite cylinders
  • cylinders with internal linings, plating, or treatments
  • cargo tanks, portable tanks, and tank cars

G-1.9 – Recommended Practices for Maintaining the Proper Solvent Level in Acetylene Cylinders

Released: June 18, 2019 (3rd Edition)

Provides guidelines for maintaining the proper solvent level in acetylene cylinders. This information should be of interest to acetylene manufacturers, acetylene production and distribution personnel, authorized acetylene cylinder reinspection facilities, welding gas distributors, safety personnel, and users of acetylene.

While the background, precautions, and general procedures covered in this document apply to all solvents in use with acetylene, this publication focuses in particular on the use of acetone and dimethylformamide (DMF).

G-19.2 – Standard for Natural Gas Transportation and Transfer

Released: June 20, 2019 (1st Edition)

Includes general information about the transportation and transfer of natural gas. Provides direction for regulatory reference, safety and health hazards, and equipment intended for the transport and delivery of natural gas. Also covers in general terms the maintenance, inspection, and repair of natural gas transport equipment.

The intended audience for this publication includes natural gas users, shippers, fillers, carriers, distributors, safety administrators, and anyone seeking an introduction to mobile natural gas applications.

This standard covers the following topics:

  • transfer from the supply to the transport vehicle
  • transportation between the supply and customer facility
  • transfer from the transport vehicle to a customer facility
  • ISO tank containers and multiple-element gas containers (MEGCs)

P-84 – Guideline for Safe Handling of Liquid Containers on Wheel Bases

Released: June 5, 2019 (1st Edition)
Special Attribute: Harmonized Publication

Details the safe practices related to the movement and handling of liquid containers on wheel bases during transportation and delivery. Includes guidelines on general container handling safety and liquid container movement.

This publication focuses on containers manufactured with permanently attached wheel bases.

PS-28 – CGA Position Statement on Non-ASME Certified Pressure Relief Valves Used for Thermal Expansion Relief in Certain Piping Systems

Released: June 14, 2019 (2nd Edition)

This position statement addresses requirements for installation and retesting of thermal expansion relief valves. These valves are used as a pressure relief device on piping systems to prevent over-pressurization caused by the thermal expansion of a limited volume of trapped process fluid.

Thermal expansion relief valves – also called line block safeties, pop safeties, and thermal relief valves – are normally used on piping systems where cryogenic liquids or cold gases can be trapped between two valves or between two devices.

(ASME: the American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

S-1.2 – Pressure Relief Device Standards-Part 2-Portable Containers for Compressed Gases

Released: June 28, 2019 (10th Edition)
Special Attributes:

  • Referenced by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Referenced by International Code Council (ICC)

Presents the minimum requirements for pressure relief devices (PRDs) being used on portable containers for compressed gases that comply with the specifications and charging and maintenance regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation or the corresponding specifications and regulations of Transport Canada.

See also:

CGA S-1.1Pressure Relief Device Standards-Part 1-Cylinders for Compressed Gases

CGA S-1.3Pressure Relief Device Standards-Part 3-Stationary Storage Containers for Compressed Gases

SP-I – Safety Poster: Separating Incompatible Gases

Released: June 21, 2019 (2nd Edition)

This free poster reminds viewers to separate incompatible gases – by maintaining a minimum physical distance or using a protective barrier.

Designed for display on bulletin boards in the workplace as a safety reminder.

This poster can be downloaded as a scalable PDF file, so you can print the size you need.