Spotlight on CGA Food Gases Committee

March 15, 2023

There are over 25 committees dedicated to supporting the CGA mission of providing technical and safety information through standard development. But who are these committees, what are their individual missions, and what do they bring to CGA members and the compressed gas industry?  This month we highlight the Food Gases Committee.

The Food Gases Committee promotes safe practices and encourage compliance with regulatory and industry principles related to food and beverage gases. In addition, this committee:

  • addresses safety and regulatory compliance in the manufacture, operation, distribution, maintenance, and standardization of products utilizing food and beverage gases;
  • develops and disseminates information concerning compressed and cryogenic food and beverage gases;
  • promotes the broadest possible distribution of domestic and international standards and guidelines containing technical information and recommendations for safe, effective, and responsible practices that generally align with other recognized standards and guidelines; and
  • develops and distributes compliance strategies for the manufacturing, handling, and distribution of food and beverage gases.

Dennis Bloom, Airgas, Committee Chair

Kevin Brady, Linde PLC, Committee Vice Chair

This committee’s current leadership is Dennis Bloom (Airgas National Welders), Chair, and Kevin Brady (Linde PLC), Vice Chair.  Dennis and Kevin worked together to support and lead this committee through its various responsibilities from creating and revising publications to maintaining an awareness of potential regulatory changes that could affect CGA member companies.

Key Food Gases Committee publications include:

  • F-1, Standard for Food Safety Management Systems and Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Gas Manufacturers
  • F-2, Guideline for Food Gases Product Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Control (HARPC) Program
  • F-3, Guideline for Qualifying Suppliers Used by Food and Beverage Gas Distributors and Manufacturers
  • F-4, Guideline for Analytical Validations for Food Gases

The committee is currently developing a new publication which will be a guideline for providing statements of assurance for food gases to address customer inquiries.

If you have questions or would like to join this committee, please contact Christina Hartz, CGA Standards & Committee Administrator,