Be a Part of Our Future – Take CGA’s Young Professionals Survey

August 9, 2019

At the Compressed Gas Association, we are actively working to develop programs and services in support of young professionals (those aged 45 or under) within our industry and in CGA activities. With that goal in mind, we’ve developed a brief CGA Young Professionals Survey, and invite all our members to participate.

Developing the Next Generation of Safety Leaders

For more than 100 years, our industry has become progressively safer because of the ideas developed around the table at CGA committee meetings. We’re privileged to have the industry’s leading experts contributing to our safety publications and we have a responsibility to do our part in developing the next generation of great thinkers and leaders.

To that end, we want to ensure that we are developing content that our young professionals find relevant and timely, that we’re planning events and programming that are engaging and beneficial for professional growth, and that we are providing appropriate resources.

Getting young professionals involved breathes new life into our committee process. We gain fresh, invaluable perspectives on the material in our publications. At the same time, we have new people involved to challenge our assumptions as we re-examine our positions and processes, effectively driving innovation and efficiency both in the technical content of CGA’s publications and in the processes that we use to develop and maintain them.

Young professionals who actively participate in CGA also stand to gain significant benefits, including access to a network of industry peers, unparalleled learning opportunities, and professional growth as technical thinkers and leaders.

We Need Young People with a Passion for Safety

As Andy Cichocki, Chief Operating Officer of Airgas and CGA’s 2019 Chairman of the Board, has observed, one of the key challenges the Association faces, is finding ways to address the continued aging of the population of technical experts who have helped build our safety standards.

“We need to be very cognizant of rebuilding our ranks [with young professionals]… We need people with… a passion for safety. That might be the single biggest challenge we face – making sure that we have a vibrant, forward-looking generation of people that can bring us to that next level.”

– Andy Cichocki, 2019 CGA Chairman of the Board

“We need to be very cognizant of rebuilding our ranks… We need the technical experts. We need the people with a passion around the standards, and a passion for safety, especially.

Finding that next generation is exciting and it’s fun. As older leaders, it’s a lot of fun to get those people involved. It re-energizes us. But I think that might be the single biggest challenge we face – making sure that we have a vibrant, forward-looking generation of people that can bring us to that next level. And if we get those people in place, it helps us deal with all the other industry evolutions and challenges we’re going to face.

I have great faith in that generation. We just need to put them in place, and make sure we develop them.”

– Andy Cichocki
Chief Operating Officer, Airgas, an Air Liquide company
2019 CGA Chairman of the Board

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Please take a few moments to complete our survey and help CGA provide the best experience possible for young industry professionals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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