Chart Industries and CGA Honor Amy Morgan-Bruecks of Independent Cylinder Testing as New Committee Member of the Year

New Orleans, LA – April 9, 2024 – At the esteemed Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Safety Awards Banquet held on April 9, 2024, in New Orleans, Chart Industries proudly presented the New Committee Member of the Year Award. This accolade recognizes individuals with less than three years of CGA participation who demonstrate exceptional enthusiasm, commitment, and contributions to committee efforts.

This year, the spotlight shines on Amy Morgan-Bruecks of Independent Cylinder Testing. Despite joining her first CGA meeting in April 2022, Amy’s impact has been nothing short of remarkable. She is a dedicated member of several key committees, including Carbon Dioxide, Cylinder Valve, Cylinder Specifications, and Food Gases & Equipment Committees, showcasing her broad involvement within the organization. Furthermore, Amy has lent her expertise to multiple EWPs, participates in vital work items and even volunteers to chair projects.

Amy’s enthusiasm for safety and innovation extends beyond committee work. She has actively contributed to the CO2 Solutions Coalition and generously shared her knowledge as a panelist on a recent CGA webinar. Her eagerness to learn and her commitment to CGA’s safety mission have earned her recognition from the organization’s staff.

Joining Chart Industries in applauding Amy’s achievements, CGA extends its heartfelt congratulations to her for this well-deserved honor. “We are thrilled to congratulate Amy Morgan-Bruecks on being named the New Committee Member of the Year,” said Rich Gottwald, CGA President and CEO. “Her passion for safety, coupled with her willingness to engage and contribute, embodies the spirit of this award.”

Through her dedication and enthusiasm, Amy Morgan-Bruecks exemplifies the values of CGA and continues to make invaluable contributions to the industry’s safety standards.

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