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Compressed Gas Association Recognizes Safety Award Winners at 2019 Annual Meeting


CHANTILLY, Virginia – The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) recently announced the winners of its industry-leading safety awards at the Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. CGA is dedicated to the development and promotion of safety standards and safe practices in the industrial and medical gas industry.

“We’re proud to pay tribute to our members through this awards program,” said Rich Gottwald, President and CEO of CGA. “The dedication to safety exhibited by the companies and individuals recognized through these awards makes our industry safer for everyone – from employees of our member companies to end users who come into contact with our members’ products.”

The winners are…

Fleet Safety Excellence Award

Sponsored by Linde, this award recognizes outstanding safety performance among the industry’s bulk and cylinder truck delivery fleets. The award is based on a CGA member company’s total vehicle accident frequency rate. The winners are:

Bulk Gas Transportation:

  • Less than 20 million miles – Matheson
  • More than 20 million miles – GenOx Transportation

Cylinder Gas Transportation:

  • Less than 3 million miles – Western International Gas & Cylinders Inc.
  • More than 3 million miles – Praxair Distribution, Inc.
CGA Safety Award Winners 2019
David Sonnemann of Linde presents Steve Thompson and Jermaine Mitchell of Western International Gas & Cylinders with the Fleet Safety Excellence Award for Cylinder Gas Transportation (less than 3 million miles).

Leonard Parker Pool Safety Award

Sponsored by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., this award is presented annually to the participating CGA member companies that have recorded the greatest improvement in safety performance over the previous two years, based upon the total recordable case incidence rates as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The winners are:

  • Group 1 – More than 2 million employee exposure hours – Matheson
  • Group 2 – 2 million or less employee exposure hours – Roberts Oxygen
CGA Safety Award Winners 2019
Marie Ffolkes of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. presents the Leonard Parker Pool Safety Award for Group 2 (2 million or less employee exposure hours) to Dave Mason of Roberts Oxygen.

CGA/GAWDA Distributor Safety Award

Co-sponsored by CGA and the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA), the award program honors the participating GAWDA distributor member companies that have shown the greatest improvement in safety performance, and encourages a renewed focus on safe corporate cultures within the distributor community. The winners are:

  • Group 1 – More than 100,000 employee exposure hours – Welder’s Supply Co. of Louisville
  • Group 2 – 100,000 or fewer employee exposure hours – Island Supply Welding Company

Environmental Recognition Award

The CGA Environmental Recognition Program enables the Association to identify and share sound environmental practices, while promoting environmental awareness and improvements within companies in the industry. Awards are presented annually to deserving individuals, teams, or facilities that have conducted activities meeting identified environmental excellence criteria.

Awards were given for the following projects:

  • Western International Gas & Cylinders Inc.: Emission Reduction Project (Berwick, Pennsylvania)
  • Matheson: Liquid Recovery and Re-Insulation (Fort Meade, Florida)
  • Matheson: Chlorine Blow-off Reclamation (electronics specialty gas plant in New Johnsonville, Tennessee)

New Committee Member of the Year Award

Sponsored by Chart Industries, this service award is presented to an individual with less than three years of CGA committee participation in recognition of their outstanding character, commitment, and contributions to the Association. The award was presented to Christophe Toubeau of Lisam Systems.

Speaker at 2019 CGA Annual Meeting
Christophe Toubeau of Lisam Systems speaks with the audience after accepting the New Committee Member of the Year Award.

Charles H. Glasier Safety Award

Sponsored by American Air Liquide Holdings, this award is given in memory of Charles H. Glasier, a leader in the industry, strong supporter of safety, former CGA chairman, and active participant in CGA for more than 40 years. The award is presented annually to an individual in recognition of their safety leadership in the industrial gas industry. This year’s winner: Bonnie Stanage of Matheson, who becomes the first woman in CGA history to receive the award.

CGA Safety Award Winners 2019
Bonnie Stanage of Matheson accepts the Charles H. Glazier Safety Award from Andy Cichocki of American Air Liquide Holdings.

H. Emerson Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award

The CGA Lifetime Achievement Award is named for H. Emerson Thomas, who served in a leadership capacity with CGA for more than 60 years. This award is based on the individual’s record of achievement on behalf of CGA and the industry; the individual’s reputation among industry peers and regulatory authorities; and his/her professional recognition over a lifetime. The award was presented to Steven Gentry of Worthington Industries.

Speaker at CGA 2019 Annual Meeting
Steven Gentry of Worthington Industries shares thoughts with the audience after accepting the H. Emerson Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Founded in 1913, the Compressed Gas Association is dedicated to the development and promotion of safety standards and safe practices in the industrial, medical, and food gases industry. CGA represents more than 110 member companies including manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and transporters of gases, cryogenic liquids, and related products and services. Through a committee system, CGA develops technical specifications, safety standards, and training and educational materials, and works with government agencies to formulate and promote compliance with responsible regulations and standards.

An American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited Standards Developing Organization, CGA works directly with Federal, State, and Provincial agencies and fire code officials to promote safe and responsible practices and regulations. CGA supports several committees of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and coordinates member company participation in the development of ISO standards through U.S. and Canadian advisory groups. The Association also works with other industrial gas associations around the world to harmonize standards to advance safety in the industrial gas industry. Additionally, CGA participates in the United Nations to develop model regulations that apply to the industrial gas and equipment industry.

Photos of awards recipients available upon request.

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