CGAConnect Webinar:

Communicating Effectively in High Risk, High Stakes Situations

Thursday, November 12, 2020

2:00 – 3:30PM Eastern

(11AM Pacific; 12PM Mountain; 1PM Central)

(part of the CGAConnect 2020 family of online events)

Dr. Vincent Covello, Center for Risk Communication


October 23, 2020

Join us as Dr. Vincent Covello, an internationally recognized expert in crisis, conflict, change, and risk communications, shares research, analysis, and strategies we can use to ensure we’re communicating effectively when the pressure’s on and the stakes are at their highest.

During his talk, Dr. Covello will:

  • Provide an overview of critical, risk, high concern, and high stress communication
  • Suggest strategies for breaking bad news
  • Explore the most effective communication tools for high stress situations
  • Share techniques for message development and message mapping

Webinar Fee

$25      Employees of CGA member companies

$49      Non-members, per person

About Our Speaker: Dr. Vincent Covello

Dr. Vincent T. Covello, founder and Director of the Center for Risk Communication, is a nationally and internationally recognized trainer, researcher, consultant, and expert in crisis, conflict, change, and risk communications. Over the past 25 years, he has held numerous positions in academia and government, including Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences and Clinical Medicine at Columbia University.

Prior to his joining the faculty at Columbia, Dr. Covello was a senior scientist at the White House Council on Environmental Quality in Washington, D.C., a Study Director at the National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences and the Director of the Risk Assessment Program at the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Covello received his doctorate from Columbia University and his B.A. with honors and M.A. from Cambridge University in England. He is on the editorial board of several journals and is the Past President of the Society for Risk analysis, a professional association with over 2,500 members. Dr. Covello has authored or edited over 25 books and over 75 published articles on risk assessment, management, and communication.