Don Fisher Receives 2024 Charles H. Glasier Award

We are thrilled to announce the recipient of this year’s Charles H. Glasier Safety Award, sponsored by American Air Liquide. This prestigious honor is bestowed in memory of Charles H. Glasier, a revered figure in our industry, renowned for his leadership and unwavering commitment to safety during his more than 40 years of involvement with CGA.

The 2024 award recognizes an exceptional individual for their outstanding safety leadership within the industrial gas sector. This year, we proudly present this accolade to Don (Donny) Fisher from Air Products.

Don exemplifies dedication, with 28 years of volunteer service to CGA. His contributions span a vast array of committees, including Carbon Dioxide, Canadian Medical, Food, and Beverage Gases & Equipment, Distribution & Fleet Safety, Food Gases & Equipment, Medical Equipment, and Medical Gases.

Don’s remarkable involvement includes chairing numerous committee meetings, supporting essential work items, and offering leadership across 41 work items presently. Notably, his contributions extend to pivotal projects such as the FCC food monographs for hydrogen and argon and the development of Food Fraud and Food Defense initiatives.

Beyond his CGA commitments, Don’s professional journey of over 38 years in the industrial gas industry highlights his profound impact. He has played critical roles in Emergency Response, serving as a coordinator across Asia, North America, and South America. Don’s efforts have been instrumental in training emergency response teams, establishing vital safety procedures, and collaborating with local fire departments on essential safety protocols.

Don’s unwavering dedication to safety exemplifies the core values of CGA, both within our committees and throughout his career at Air Products. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Don Fisher for this well-deserved recognition. Thank you, Don, for your exceptional contributions to CGA and the industrial gas industry.