For Immediate Release

Jerrold (Jerry) D. Sameth Receives H. Emerson Thomas Lifetime Service Award

from the Compressed Gas Association

New Orleans, LA, April 10, 2024 – Jerrold (Jerry) D. Sameth was presented the H. Emerson Thomas Lifetime Service Award for his 40 years of service to the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) at the CGA’s 2024 Safety Awards Banquet in New Orleans. The award is presented to an individual involved in CGA activities in recognition of leadership in standards development, safety procedures, and/or regulatory affairs.

Sameth was noted for his years of service to the Compressed Gas Association, unwavering commitment to mentorship and knowledge sharing, and striving toward a safer industry.

After four decades in the industry, the last 11 years of which were as a Technical Manager at CGA, Jerrold Sameth is leaving CGA. Prior to joining the Association, he served on several committees dating back to 1984.

“I’m so honored to receive this award from CGA,” Sameth said. “I have devoted my career to helping the compressed gas industry because I believe passionately in promoting the safety, security and environmental responsibility of this industry.”

“Jerry’s commitment to CGA is unmatched,” said Rich Gottwald, CGA President and CEO. “His dedication, insight, and tireless efforts have been instrumental in shaping the CGA into the respected institution it is today. In addition to his expertise, Jerry has been extremely generous in sharing his knowledge through CGA and has done so with an unmatched kindness.”

About the Compressed Gas Association (CGA)

CGA was founded in 1913 and is an ANSI-accredited standards-developing organization dedicated to developing and promoting safety standards and safe practices in the industrial, medical, and food gases industry. CGA’s membership comprises over 160 companies globally, covering all facets of the industry: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and transporters of gases, cryogenic liquids, and related products. Our customers can be found in the electronics, industrial, medical, food, telecommunications, computing, and energy sectors.  For more than 110 years, CGA has been dedicated to the development and promotion of safety standards and safe practices within the industry and to assuring the American public quality assured products.