In our ongoing commitment to safety within the industry, we’re excited to highlight one of our most popular eLearning modules: “Filling of Uninsulated Carbon Dioxide Cylinders.” This training is tailored for cylinder fillers and handlers who are new to the field, offering comprehensive guidance on the requirements and hazards associated with filling and handling uninsulated carbon dioxide cylinders.

Key areas covered in this training include understanding carbon dioxide properties and hazards, selecting appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), recognizing different cylinder types and valves, conducting pre-fill cylinder inspections, proper cylinder preparation for filling, the filling process itself, and safe handling and storage of full cylinders.

Accessible to both members and subscribers, our eLearning modules provide a concise and easy-to-follow format. With video demonstrations and interactive quizzes, employees can learn at their own pace, pausing and resuming the training as needed.

At CGA, we’re dedicated to developing safety standards that reflect industry best practices. Our eLearning resources serve as valuable tools in equipping employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle compressed gases safely.

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